Ken Bagwell

commented on Narrow Loss; Movement Victory! 2012-11-07 11:30:02 -0800 · Flag
Although I am very bummed out that we lost, in a short period of time this Prop 37 woke me up to the evils of GMO products and the company behind them. I do think it was the seedling of an a mass awakening of the public. In the meantime however, the nightmare continues for farmers around the world, and the American public will continue to be kept in the dark about GMOs. Most people still have no idea what a GMO is, let alone the various dangers and false promises of genetic engineering. So it is up to all of us who are “in the know” to use our knowledge to help others see the truth and to keep our families away from such products wherever possible. I encourage ANYONE who has not yet seen them to watch The Future Of Food, and also The World According To Monsanto.