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$2 Million More to Change the Food System

Dear Supporters,

DonateToR2K.pngJust 13 days left to an unprecedented opportunity to bring fairness to our food system. In two weeks, California voters will decide if we have the right to know if our food is genetically engineered. After two decades of thwarted efforts to bring labeling and transparency to our food system, the voters will finally get our say. 

Please help us raise $2 million quickly so we can pass the nation’s first mandatory GMO labeling law on November 6. 

We have come so far. Our huge grassroots movement has worked so hard to get us to this point. We have the support of so many major health, faith, labor, environmental and consumer groups. Now we need YOU to get us over the finish line first. 

Why $2 Million?  The opposition has been flooding the state with deceptive ads since October 1st, spending nearly one million dollars a day to deny you the freedom to know what’s in your food.

We will be hitting the airwaves very soon to get our message out to voters.

With $2 million more, we can reach every voter in the state enough times to counter the opposition messages and influence enough YES votes to win. We are so close. Now we need everyone who cares about the food system to put their shoulders to the door for the final, most important push.  

Please make a generous donation today: https://prop37.nationbuilder.com/donate_to_know

As Michael Pollan wrote in the New York Times, this is the moment when we find out if we have a food movement in this country. Can we count on you to be part of this historic movement? Now is the time! 

To Victory!
Gary Ruskin, Yes on 37

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We are American Citizens Our Rights are Protected by Our Constitution don’t allow anyone to take Your Rights away