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Cynthe, I understand no place is perfect, but Trader Joe’s has more good things about it than bad. They do not guarantee other products they sell that do not have the Trader Joe’s label are made without GMOs, antibiotics, etc. They do listen to their customers and have taken products off the shelves if they do not live up to their standards. Due to a petition I signed about getting TJ to not sell any meat (they sell some, but since Thanksgiving I have not seen a lot.) with antibiotics in them they agreed at Thanksgiving to only sell all natural, no antibiotic and organic turkeys. Sorry they did not let you get signatures at their stores for Prop 37, but I think if you continue to hound the people at the top about this issue, start and petition on, etc they might help. As far as canola oil it is in some of TJ’s food, but not a lot. They mostly use olive oil, sunflower oil and palm oil in their foods. Unfortunately, I have a food intolerance to sunflower oil so I have to look for items with other oils in them

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