yes on 37 Because We Have The Right To Know What’s In Our Food!
California Nurses Association:Nurses see people suffering from serious diet-related diseases every day. The potential danger of genetically modified foods is why CNA supports Prop 37.

Michael Pollan, Acclaimed Food Author:Prop 37 has ignited...the kind of debate — about the risks and benefits of genetically modified food...and the consumer’s right to know...that Monsanto...has managed to stifle in Washington...

Pesticide Action Network:Pesticide corporations like Monsanto enjoy unfettered & unlabeled access to the market, and consumers are left in the dark.

Sierra Club California:Out-of-state pesticide and food companies have contributed $36 million to blanket the airwaves with deceptive commercials trying to persuade us that labeling is too costly, scary or confusing.

Los Angeles Times:Such labeling wouldn’t result in significant increases in food costs, no matter what the industry tries to tell you. After all, food companies regularly change their labels in one way or another.

The truth about Prop 37

  • Just a simple label—like in 61 other countries, indicating if our food has been genetically engineered
  • Put on the ballot by a million Californians just like you
  • Enables us to make an informed choice about what foods are right for our families
  • Supported by consumers, farmers, nurses, doctors and a broad coalition

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Clear facts about proposition 37

No Cost to Consumers

Companies change their labeling all the time, and independent research shows Prop 37 will not affect food prices. Read more »

Nurses Support Prop 37

Genetically Modified Organisms are linked to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health problems. The Food and Drug Administration has said “providing more information to consumers about bioengineered foods would be useful.” Read more »

No New Bureaucracy

Prop 37 is self-enforced and requires no new bureaucracy. The state official analyst has said any costs for enforcement would range from 1 to 3 cents per year for each Californian. Read more »

No Loopholes

Prop 37 requires labeling for genetically engineered foods for the groceries you buy. The initiative contains exemptions from labeling requirements for practical purposes, such as food served in restaurants. Read more »

Backed by Consumers

Prop 37 is supported by consumers, farmers, nurses and many more. It is opposed by Monsanto, Dow, and foreign chemical companies spending millions to confuse us. Read more »


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