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Turning our Grocers Against Us: How the the Deceptive "No on 37" Campaign is Hindering Our Right to Know


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Numerous myths about Proposition 37 are circulating, propelled by a deceptive campaign funded by very large corporations.  These corporations are so panicked that 37 will affect their bottom line that they are willing sacrifice our democracy and manipulate workers, small business owners, and the public at large to get them to vote against their own interests. 

One instrument of this confusion is Ray Martinez, owner of an Inglewood market who in interviews with outlets in English and Spanish and now in a heavily-aired TV ad has repeatedly made the same deliberately misleading claims about food costs and the effects of 37 on retailers, slighting the truth in an effort to keep Californians from voting for the right to know what’s in our food.  He purports to care about his customers like family, but wouldn’t you want your family to know what they are eating?  And wouldn’t you want them to know the truth?

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Food Companies Against Our Right to Know

The Big Processed Food companies dumped another $5-plus million into the No on 37 campaign on Friday, indicating that the campaign against our right to know what's in our food is recognizing that even a million dollars a day of advertising isn't enough to bring them to victory. Shame on these companies that are labeling their food honestly in 61 other countries but are spending millions to oppose our right to know here in California. 

PEPSICO, INC. $429,100
UNILEVER $372,100
NESTLE USA, INC. $146,200
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Champions for our Right to Know: Thank you to our donors!

Three cheers for these champions for our right to know what's in our food, who are putting their money where their values are, toward a fair, transparent food system. This list also represents over 10,000 individuals who have given money online through the Organic Consumers Fund, proving that Proposition 37 is a true people's movement! And on the other side, opposing our right to know, are the world's largest pesticide and junk food companies, and not a single human being has contributed to their campaign. See below for our top funders; our total is up to $6.7 million.

For the people!

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Farmers For The Win!

Ted Sheely grows cotton in the San Joaquin Valley on his 8,700-acre farm.  Food companies aren’t required to tell us if the cotton is genetically engineered, even if it winds up in our food as cottonseed oil.1-2.jpeg

Ted appears in one of the many TV ads deliberately lying to California voters about Proposition 37.  This particular ad asserts that Prop 37 will raise food costs by “billions of dollars”.  There is no independent evidence---nor coherent logic---supporting that claim, of course.  Prop 37 simply requires a label on genetically engineered foods, which will cost consumers, well, nothing.  Food companies change their labels every 6-12 months on average; Prop 37 gives them 18 months.

Ted Sheely doesn’t speak for most farmers, more than 2,000 of whom have endorsed Proposition 37.  Why do farmers support Proposition 37?  For the same reasons most of us support it: because they believe we have the right to know what’s in the food they’re growing for us.

“When the CA Right to Know ballot initiative started to develop and the movement progressed, we thought it was a great idea: to label the product, to let the consumer make a choice about what they want to eat,” said Jessica Lundberg of Lundberg Family Farms.

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Yes On 37 For The Win: Show us Your Best Game!

The game time clock is ticking! Today marks just 17 days before election and our chance to win the right to know what's in our food. Even though our opposition is spending a million dollars a day and has no scruples whatsoever, we have something that cannot be bought - a People's Movement of incredible power and passion. 

We can win this but we need YOU to help take us to the finish line. Prop 37 FTW! Read on for some of our best plays...



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Orange Jumpsuits for the No on 37 Campaign?

jumpsuit.jpgIt's no joke what the opposition is up to. We don't mind a fair fight, or even a Dave vs Goliath fight, but the dark forces against our right to know will do anything to try to stop us from winning a simple label -- even risking crossing the line of the law.

It's just not right. That's why we reported their latest dirty trick to the US Department of Justice. The pesticide-industry campaign has already been caught misrepresenting Stanford University (three times), misleading voters in the state voter guide (says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics), and bombarding the airwaves with misleading ads (according to newspaper fact checkers).

But their latest trick is more serious than all of that...

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