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New Yes on 37 Ads Affirm Food is Love

Vote Yes on Proposition 37 for our right to know what's in our food. Join our campaign:

Check out Food is Love ads in English and Spanish.

Food is Love. Food is Life. Food is Family. We all have the right to know what's in our food. 

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SacBee Says No on 37 Ads "Misleading"

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In a recent review of campaign ads, the Sacramento Bee has determined that radio ads produced  by the “No on 37” campaign are misleading.

 Specifically, the Bee singled out four claims repeatedly being made by the $35 million “No on 37” campaign that have been proven false.

False Claim 1:  “Prop. 37 bans thousands of common food products.”
 SacBee Fact Check:  “Those foods could still be sold.”

False Claim 2:  “Prop. 37 would cost Californians millions more in bureaucracy.”
SacBee Fact Check:  “…exaggerates estimates from the non-partisan Legislative Analysts Office.”

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GMO Farmer Says Yes on 37

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While it is widely known that organic farmers overwhelmingly support Proposition 37, the support of conventional or even GMO farmers has received less attention.  It turns out they also believe we should know what we're eating.

Troy Roush grows GMO corn and soybeans in Indiana.  Here’s what Troy says in FixFood’s excellent 90-second video:

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New Yes on 37 Ad Highlights Monsanto's “Pesticide Corn” Hitting California Stores

Are your children eating Monsanto's GMO sweet corn? New research links GMO corn to a range of potential health risks, and a new ad released today by the Yes on 37 campaign illustrates that California children may be eating Monsanto's new GMO sweet corn product without their parents knowing it.

This summer, Monsanto began selling its first GMO sweet corn product in grocery stores such as Walmart. The sweet corn is engineered to withstand the weed-killer Roundup and also to contain an insecticide (Bt toxin) within the cells of the corn. 

"This pesticide corn looks like regular corn, but it’s not,” says Susan Lang, a Sacramento mother who organzed a protest at Walmart over the corn. “In light of recent research linking genetically modified corn to potential health risks, I believe I have a right to know if the corn I’m feeding my children has been genetically engineered to contain pesticides. That’s why I support Prop. 37." 

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We have a right to choose for ourselves whether to eat pesticide sweet corn!

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Food Babe: The United State of GMOs

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Right to Know supporter Food Babe attended the Democratic National Convention seeking information about GMOs from the nation's leaders. She spoke to everyone from senators to celebrities to civil rights activists. Their answers, or often lack thereof, are eye opening.

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