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Finding <a href=“”“>”>CNA classes in California has never been easier. Be sure to check out our <a href=“”“>”>search by state feature.
commented 2012-12-03 19:03:26 -0800 · Flag
Can you guys go down this list posted by the No on 37, and refute this facts they are calling?
I’ve a science degree and can practically see how no on 37 persuaded so many uneducated people. We need to focus on this group the most!
commented 2012-12-01 21:02:14 -0800 · Flag
Pam, I don’t live in California. But, I’m sharing with interested persons in Louisiana what the CA Right to Know came up against during the Vote Yes 37 campaign.

Please let me know when you are raising funds for your next campaign and I will try to get my limited contributions in in a more timely manner.

There is way too much ignorance and laissez faire to pass anything in Louisiana. Everything has to go through the legislature and we have one of the best that money can buy. So much corruption.

California is our only hope.
commented 2012-11-21 22:03:46 -0800 · Flag
All genetically engineered food in the state of California has to be labeled vote yes to label what is in your food.
commented 2012-11-21 22:02:51 -0800 · Flag
All genetically engineered food in the state of California has to be labeled vote yes to label what is in your food.
commented 2012-11-21 19:34:05 -0800 · Flag
If 2012 was a NON-presidential election year we no-doubt would have passed this. Many wont go out of their way to vote during the general State elections aside from the gubernatorial race (next in 2014). We need to give this another shot in 2013 or 2015. Other States pushing for a similar measure should also consider this strategy. With all the increased awareness and experience we all gained it could be a grand-slam next time around. I’m in there again for the next round of sig gathering! Let’s do it Pamm!
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