Chefs’ Petition In Support of Prop 37
1,300 endorsements

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On November 6th, the future of food is at stake at the ballot box. California’s Proposition 37 – The Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act – requires clear labels letting consumers know if foods are genetically engineered. Over 50 countries worldwide label genetically engineered food already.

Carlo Petrini, founder and president of Slow Food International, was in our state recently, and he kept saying that this is our moment to do something really important for everyone on this planet—that people are watching from around the world to see how we respond. And I agree with him.

I think this is the moment when we need to stand together as chefs, restaurateurs, and people who care about food to support Proposition 37. Whether or not you live or vote in California, please tell your friends, donate to the campaign right now, sign the petition below, and add your voice to this critical movement.

With hopefulness, 

Alice Waters 

* * *

Chefs’ Petition In Support of Prop 37

We, the undersigned, endorse California’s Proposition 37 – The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. 

As chefs, we are on the frontlines of feeding America and we have an enormous stake in ensuring transparency in our food system. It is our duty to nourish our guests, both in body and soul. However, we can’t prepare the best food we know how when information about the ingredients we purchase is hidden from us with labels that are missing basic facts. This includes foods that are genetically engineered or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While Proposition 37 does not require restaurants to label their food as genetically engineered, it provides chefs the ability to knowingly source ingredients made without GMOs. 

Fifty countries around the world—representing more than 40 percent of the world’s population—already require GMO labeling, including all of Europe, Japan, India and China. Polls show that more than 90 percent of Americans want to know if their food is genetically engineered. 

We demand the right to know what’s in our food and we are adding our collective voices to this movement!



Aaron French
Aaron  Steinbach
Abby Benson
Abby Hammond
Abby Margulies
Abdullah Aziz
Abigail Squires
Adair Seldon
Adam Danforth
Adriana Cardenas
Adriana Nugent
Adrienne Acoba
Aimee Giles 
Aja Darensbourg
Alan Joynson Culinary Consultants
Albane Sharrard
Albert Lukas
Alex Elabed
Alex Galimberti
Alex Goldfarb
Alex Grech
Alex Moreno
Alex Tishman
Alexander Domschot
Alexandra Briggs
Alexandra Holey
Alexandra Senatore
Alice Medrich
Alice Shields
Alice Waters Chez Panisse
Alison Fraser
Alison Negrin
Allan Tarlow
Allen Susser
Ally Kiel
Alondra Mello
Amanda Joost
Amanda Kendall
Amanda Lydon
Amanda Valpey
Amber Bonner
Amos Miller Walnut Ridge Farm Foods
Amy Murray
Amy Troutner
Amy Winans
Amy  Grondin
And Cedusky
Andi Stone
Andras Bucsinszky
Andre Meaux
Andrea Reusing
Andrea Lepore  
Andrea Reusing Lantern Restaurant
Andres Dangond YB&R
Andrew Cox
Andrew Swain
Andrew Feinberg Franny's
Andrew Hroza Goose Island
Andy Jones
Andy Tannehill  
Angela Chan
Angela Coday
Angela Davis
Angela Toner
Angela Yglesias
Angie Needels
angie Sondej
Ann Garth
Ann Gentry
Ann Grodin
Ann Keener
ann leriche-brydson
Ann Yonkers
Anna Farrell
Anna Fontaine
Anna Frost
anna karp
Anna Rose
Anne Dickey
Anne Ritchings
Anne Rosellini
Anne Marie Schultz Oregon Country Fair Main Camp Kitchen
Annette Cyr
Annette Pedersen
Annette  Eason
Annie Cameron
annie simmons
annie soliongco 
annie somerville Greens Restaurant
Anthony Jacquet
Anthony Strong
Antje Bakalov
Anton Ferreira
Antonella Juell
Ariella Rubinger
Arlene  McLaren
Arnie Welber
Arthur Mitchell
Ashley Fuller
Aurelie Ward
Austin Ferrari
Autumn Brook
B Arbesfeld
Barbara  Bonovitch
Barbara  Haimes
Barry Greenstein
Barry Schoenborn
Barton Seaver
Barton Seaver  
Bea Braun
Beatriz Moreira  
Becky Talyn
Benjamin Ford
Benjamin Haffner
Bernard Green
Bernice Thompson
betelhem mullugeta 
Betsy Taylor
Betty Cahill
Betty O'Hara OHara
Bev Shaffer
Beverly Drake
Beverly Foster
Bianca Costanzo
Bill Briwa
Bill Hooper
bill kelly
Bill Mayer
Bill Smith
Bill Telepan Telepan
Billy Out Back
Blake Spalding
Blake  Andrus
Bob Larson
Bonnie Breckenridge
Bonnie Clark
Bradford Hutchingson
Brandon Jew
Brandon Marshall
Brenda Crossman
Brenda Hayes
Brenda Ruiz
brenda sherman
Brenda Villegas
Brent Boultinghouse
Brian Meadows
Brian sinnott
Brooke Lucy
Bruce Aidells
Bruce Aldridge
Bruce Hill
Bruce Oscart
Bruce Smith
Bryan Au
Bryant Terry
Burt Jurgens
Buzz Hofford
Byrd Bonilla
Caite Allam
Cal Peternell
Cara Warren
Cara Rearick  
Carissa williams
Carlos Gaviria
Carmen Alvarado
Carmen Mateo
Carol DeFeciani
Carol Fenster
Carol Lapetino
Carol Williamson
Carole Kleinman
Carole Murko
Carolyn Callahan
Carolyn Zezima
Carri Wilkinson
Cary Shackelford
Cassie Roth
Cat Cora
Catherine Griffin
catherine michaud
Catherine Helwig Helwig
Catherine Pantsios San Francisco Cooking School
cathy russo
Cathy Whims
Cathy  Chaplin
Cecelia Mautner
Cecily Frankum
Chad Armstrong
Chad  Robertson
Chad Robertson, Tartine and Bar Tartine
Chandra Lee
Charisma Davies
Charlene Cotter
Charlene Rollins
Charlene Yang
Charles Ostdiek
Charles Phan
Charles Dalton The Kitchen
Charles Loomis  
Charles Phan  
Charlie Hallowell
Charline Touchard Touchard's Kitchen
Chef Catherine  Beaman
Chef Matt Dhillon
Chef Paul Buchanan  
Chef Shobhan Personal Chef
Chelsea Pence-Czuleger
Cherri Farrell  
Cheryl Costigan
Cheryl Fuller
Cheryl Urbanski
Chris Callahan
Chris Hastings
Chris Miller
Chris Titus
Chris  Ford
Chris  Linaman
Chris Douglass Ashmont Grill
Christa Harrison
Christi Macomber  
Christina Ballinger
christina pietrangelo
Christina Pirello
Christina Rutkaus
Christine Bonner
Christine Hanson
Christophe Hille
Christopher Kostow
Christopher Neill
Christopher Edwards The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm
Christy Funk
Christy Quirk
Chuck Siegel
Cindy Fuchser
Cindy Loomis
Cindy Miracle
Cindy Walter
cinzia panetti
Claire Biesty
clara moore local harvest cafe
Clark Wolf
claudia sherwood
Clint Evans
Coleen Donnelly
Colleen Lockovitch
Connie Sahlin
Corey Crawford
Cory Mac a'Ghobhainn
Craig Stoll
cristina  urioste
Cynthia Brown
Cynthia Cromwell
Cynthia Ertner
Cynthia Kipper
D Griffin
Daisy Chen
Dalon Jones
Damean Meeker
Dan Barber
Dan Better
Dan Barber  
Dana Berge
dana hurwitz
Danie Ahern
Daniel Klein
Daniel Taddese
Danielle Flaherty
Danny Yankou
dano holcomb
Darla Dressler
Daviann McClurg
David Anderson
David Bean
David Campbell
David Comprosky 
David Crisp
David Fairman
David Joachim
David Kelleher
David Lee
David Maliachi
David Martin
David Nugent
David Paton
David Pelly
David Starr
David  Bazirgan
David Bouley  
David Conley Piazza
David Pelly David Pelly
Dawn Peters
Dean Thomas
Deana DiGennaro
Deana Healy
Deanna Freridge
Debbie Miller
Debbie Smith-Osburn
Deborah Budrick
Deborah Holmes
Deborah Madison
Deborah Marcus
Deborah Ross
Deborah Soffel
Deborah Madison  
Debra Falkenberg
Debra Kreager
Debra Richardson  
Dee Willbee
Deisha Garcia
Delaine Spilsbury
Denise Atwood
Denise Yanez
Dennis Andeson
Dennis Crispin
Dennis Lee
Derrick Sand
diana adams
Diana Jones
Diana Kinder
Diane Hippert
Diane Ostdiek
Diane Thompson
Diane LaVonne Diane's Market Kitchen
Domenic Rotolo
Donald Lemperle
Doni Mae
Donna Deitch
Donna Estes
Donna Hiscott
Donna Lennard
Donna McLoughlin
Donna Prizgintas
Donna Wolf
Donovan Uon Lindern
Dorothy Anderson
Dorothy Duder
Dorothy Kinne
Doug Baker
Doug Tait
Douglas Cooperman
Douglas Jack
Doyle Jones
Drew Laiche
Drew McDonald
Drew Robinson
Duskie Estes
Dustin Joseph Chambers Bay Grill
Earlyne Griffith
Ed Kenney
Ed Lytwak
Ed Werth
Eddie Swain
Edward Aguirre
Edward Bautista
Edward Jacobson
Edward  Kerr
Eileen Kildea
Elaine Becker
Elaine Pierce
Elaine Schuyler
Elaine  Rotondi Classic Contemporary Personal Chef
Elatia Harris
Eleana Miranda
Elettaria Lovin' Oven
Eliece Horton
Elisabeth Prueitt
Elizabeth Cox
Elizabeth Dougherty
Elizabeth Good
Elizabeth Linn
Elizabeth Meinz
Elizabeth Tupper
Elizabeth  Roedell 
Elizabeth Pruiett  
Ellen Silk
ellen ecker ogden
Elsa Corrigan
Elsa Guerra
Emilio Fracchia
Emily Dennis
Emily Doutre
Emily Lubahn
Emily Randall-Goodwin
Eric Gidseg
Eric Lukosky
Eric Pomert Little Spoons Cafe
Erik Fischer
Erika Allen
Erin McKinney
Erv Amdahl
Eskendr Erkebaev
Esme Evans
Esther Gordon
Eugene Ramos
Eva Ferguson
Eva Winters
Evan Mallett
Evan Strong owner/chef The Fix for Foodies
Evelyn Hymans
Eyzatia Eyzatia
faye lapp
Fergie at EAT
Filiz Selman
Fiona Vallejo
Flory Freeman
Floyd Cardoz
Frances Kalfus
Francesca Benedetti
Francesca Molica Colella
Francesca Pfrommer
francesco greco  
Francine Cohen
francine kenkel
Frank Kraemer
Frank M Davis III
Franklin Ashley  
Gabriel Lautaro
Gabrielle De Nigris
Gary Meyerson
gayle Pulliam
Gayle Okumura Sullivan
Ged Robertson
Gen Anderson
Gene  Smith
Geneen Osborn
Geno Bernardo
George Bakis
George Grover
George Ouchterlony
george savoie
George  Kaden 
Gerard A Humilier Retired from (Cite)Chicago il
Geri  Miller
Gilbert Pilgram
Gillian Austin
Gina Castillo
Gina DiBello
Gina Webb
Gina DePalma Babbo Restaurant and Enoteca
Ginger Pizzurro
Giorgio Locatelli  
Gloria Anderson
Gloria Zatarain
Golda J Hall
Gordon Sparber
Grace Clark
Greg Lamb
Greg Koch Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens
Gregorio  Pedroza
Gregory May
Guy Birenbaum
Hannah Battaglia
Hannah Hausauer
Harriet Totten
harry madray
Heather Gordon
Heather Kershaw
Heather Stevens
Heather H Kiss and Makeup
Heather Hardcastle Flour Craft Bakery
Hector Fernandez
Heidi Dauwalter
Heidi Swanson  
Helen Duran Coppell ISD
Henry Pombo
Holley Atkinson
Holly Perez
Hubert Keller
Hugh Acheson
Hunter Wallof
Ilana Voit
Inge Maumus
Irene Rush
Iris Toma
Isabel Cruz
Isabel Diaz
Jaan Carter
Jack Hed  
Jacqueline Quirke
Jacqueline Rent
Jacquelyn Buchanan
Jacques Pepin
Jacques Pépin  
Jaime Martin del Campo  
James Padgett
James Parker
James Schmidt
James Wholesome2Go
Jamie Buscher
Jamie Reinhardt
Jamie Strait
Jan Greenberg
Jan Throndson
Jana Hadany
Jana  McMahon
Jancie Ter Louw
jane hannemann
Janel Leppin
Janet Canfield
janet levy
Janie Rayne
Janiene Langford
janis kaseman
Jason Cunningham
Jason Dias
Jason Wood
Jason Heard East Coast Grill & Raw Bar
Jay Brooks
jay holecek
Jay Qualls
Jeff Rogers
Jeff Williams
Jeff McMahon Pelicano Restaurant
Jeff Mushin JM Food Service Consulting
Jennifer Girvin
Jennifer Huss
Jennifer Iselin
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Lanzetti
Jennifer McCombie
Jennifer Popovich
Jennifer Stark
Jennifer White
Jenny Huston
Jeremiah Fyler
Jeremy Barlow
Jeremy Bearman
Jeri Jackson CCP
Jerome Schaack
jerome darby private chef
Jerri-Beth Scott
Jerry Hayes
Jess  Milbourn 
Jesse Brumm
Jesse Cool
Jesse Reed
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Prentice
Jessica Wardlaw
Jil Hales
Jill Baba
Jill Herbers
Jill Sanguinetti
Jim Dodge
Jo Potter
Joan Osborne
Joanna Wheaton
Jodie Rogers
Joe Cairns
Joel Hill
John Austin
John Comella
John Eisensmith
John Elkhay
John Foster
John Gasperoni
John Kohler
John Nelson
John Novi
John Stanley
John VanderKraats
John Wight
John Witte
John  Nigel Crook  
John Adler Franny's
Johnny DeVilla
Jon Paczona
Jon Wolf
jon helquist Sweetwood Ventures
Jonathon Sawyer
Jordan  Keao
Jorge  lazcano
Jose Brizuela
Jose Reyes
Jose Garces  
Josh Blythe O.C.I.
Joshua Calistro
Joshua Cornell
Joshua Lewin
joshua dahl NECI
Josiah Citrin
Joy Evans
Joyce Herschberger
Joyce Skeldon
Joyce  Goldstein 
Joyce Goldstein  
Juan  Felix
Judith O Bean
Judy Fandler
judy klumick
Judy Landress
Judy Liber
Judy Mattera
Judy Stickney
Julia Dougherty
Julia Grimaldi
julia richardson
Julia Stambules
Julia Schroeder Table Sage
Julianne Cottrell
Julie Francis
Julie Gibb
Julie Ridlon
Julie  Brosterman
Julie  Miller
Julie  Negrin
Julie Von Pelz  
june taylor
Juraimi Rahmat Sustainably Halal
Justin Ehrlich
Justin and Katie Meddis Rose's Meat Market and Sweet Shop
Kaiyi Zheng 
Kara Deen
Karen Hatfield
Karen Lewis
Karen Morris
Karen Newman
Karen Pearlstein
Karen Walls
Karen Heisler Mission Pie
Kate Black
Kate Daniel
Kate Paul Grocerie by Foodink
Katerina Rappos
Katherine Wuthrich
Kathleen Blakeslee
Kathleen Fitzgerald-Orr
Kathleen Gebhart
Kathleen Price
Kathleen Reside
Kathryn Clark
Kathryn MacDonald
Kathryn Mardis
Kathryn Scott
Kathy Jones
Katrin Tschoepke Perchat
Katrina Meier
Katy Petri McHugh Katy Petri Catering
Kay Schaser
Kayta Smulewitz
Kelley Lemon
Kelli Stewart
Kelly Bellevue
Kelly Fusinski
Kelsie Kerr
Ken Brown
Ken Friedman
ken gunther
Kenneth Bird
kenneth walters
Keri Cacciata Minton
Kerry Leigh Heffernan
Kevin Nash
Kim Broekhuizen
kim evans
Kim Herning
Kim O'Donnel
Kim Steinbaugh
Kim  Roellke
Kimberley Lashua
kimberly lepold
Kimberly Shelton
Kimthoa Pham
Kiran Singh
Kristen Kepner-Coleman
Kristen Kepnick
Kristi Cordeiro
Kristina Lawrence
Kristofer Young
Kristy Jennings
Kristy Lambrou
Krystle Christensen
Kurt von Kahle
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Lacey Templeton
Laila Garsys
Lance Griffith
Lara Valigorsky
Larkin Young
Larry Finney
Larry Fishman
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Larry Ulrey
Laura Dobson
Laura Lois
Laura Lynch
Laura Merrick
laura podraza
Laura Syperda
Laura Bonino  
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Lauren Tozzi
Laurence  Albet-khatib
Laurie Mutalipassi
Laurie Ellen Pellicano
Laurie Mackenzie Mission Pie
Lawrence  Tibbs
Leah Di
leah turner
Leah  Rosenberg
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Leslie Wilson
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Liza Hinman
Lois Ellen Frank
Lola Vance
Lora Lea Misterly
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Lori Pieper
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lori ryan
lorinne otte
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Lorna Perry Maxsells
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Manuel Nunez  San Roman
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Maura Leus
Maureen Wilson
Maureen Price  
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Maya Elashi
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Melissa Kogut
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Trauth
Melody Ryan
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Mic Pietrykowski CCC
Micah Kasman
Micah Wexler
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Mimi Clark veggie gourmet vegan cooking classes
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Susan Ciriello Culinary instructor
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Sylvia Ramsay
Sylvia Rostron
Takao Tokuoka
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Tara  Cross
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Terri Coster
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Tim Stein
Timothy Keating
Timothy Taylor
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Todd Hudson
Todd Long
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Tom Howell
Tom Stutzman
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Tony Najiola
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Traci Des Jardins
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Travis Riggs
Travis Van Brasch
Trevor Mozzer
Trey Foshee
Tricia Wheeler
Trina Gregory
Trudi Thomas
Twillia Glover
Valeri Fornagiel
Valerie Broussard
Valerie Torres
Vallery Kountze
Veena Prasad
Vera Ciammetti
Veronica Hill
Veronica Schweyen
Vicki Laken
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Victoria Best
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Vincent Clyne
Virginia Benke
Virginia Collins
Virginia Willis
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Wanda Leopold
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Lonestar Taco NYC
wayne garland zambi's vegan paradise
Wendy Dziurzynski
Wendy Isaacs
Wendy Roskin
Werner Heiber
Weston Lant
Whitney Flood
Will Butala
William Dissen
William Hampton
William Huffman
william kovel
william Olkowski
William Stahl
William  Apicerno 
William E. Woodcock Woodcock
Willson Craigie
Wynelle Stein
Yamalieu Khuu
Yeoun-Jee Pine
Yolanda Negron
Zach Mermel
Zachary Gardner
zanne stewart
zion woods

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