Right to Know Election Night Statement

Narrow Loss; Movement Victory!

Statement on Election Results from the California Right to Know Campaign

LA_City_Council_2.jpgYesterday, we showed that there is a food movement in the United States, and it is strong, vibrant and too powerful to stop. We always knew we were the underdogs, and the underdogs nearly took the day. Dirty money and dirty tactics may have won this skirmish, but they will not win the war.

Today, we are more than 4 million votes closer to knowing what’s in our food than when we started. This is a victory and a giant step forward. We are proud of our broad coalition of moms and dads, farmers, nurses, environmentalists, faith and labor leaders who did so much with so few resources to bring us to this point, and we will carry forward.

These results are also a reminder of the corrupting influence of huge multinational corporations on our electoral process. The world’s leading pesticide and junk food companies outspent Yes on 37 by more than 5 to 1, and beginning on October 1, spent about a million dollars a day on a hailstorm of false claims, misrepresentations and fear mongering over five simple words on a label. In the end, they spent enough money to hide the truth from the majority of voters. The food manufacturers are on the wrong side of history; they should not fight their customers, but join them.       

Honk_wave-redlands.jpgToday is not the end of our campaign to secure our fundamental right to know what’s in our food. It is a strong beginning, and we thank the millions of Californians who stood with us. We are proud of our grassroots movement, our 10,000 hardworking volunteers, and the diverse coalition of health, faith, labor and consumer groups that stood with us. We will keep fighting for consumer choice, fairness and transparency in our food system. And we will prevail.

To Victory!



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commented 2013-09-18 01:25:47 -0700 · Flag
Well, These results are also a reminder of the corrupting influence of huge multinational corporations on our electoral process.

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commented 2013-05-23 13:02:14 -0700 · Flag
I’m so disappointed. Is this initiative heading to a ballot again soon?
commented 2013-02-07 09:59:35 -0800 · Flag
vote to veto monsanto lies
commented 2013-02-07 09:57:06 -0800 · Flag
53 % still brainwashed more work needed to educate the 53%
we are the 100% !
commented 2012-11-17 01:49:58 -0800 · Flag
Why was this article posted?
There are still many votes that haven’t been counted.
Prop 37 hasn’t lost yet!

Also, there should NEVER have been so many NO votes.
Every person I talked to within the weeks before the election was planning to vote YES on 37 (and I live in a city that is half conservative and half liberal).

This whole thing wreaks of vote machine tampering.
commented 2012-11-11 20:39:43 -0800 · Flag
This is disconcerting to say the least.. Not only are we being denied our right to know what’s in the food we’re buying, we may also be denied OUR RIGHT TO KNOW THE FINAL VOTE COUNT for this right in the first place. Demand a final count or revote! This will be huge!!! David and Goliath at it’s finest!!!!! :D
commented 2012-11-09 15:38:35 -0800 · Flag
Maybe prop 37 isn’t dead??

Hey thought you might like this…it is a link to the total number of uncounted ballots as provided by each county on the California Secretary of State website.

The totals are staggering… 3,295,045 uncounted votes!! WOW!

Most counties have reported these figures as of 11-08-12

commented 2012-11-09 10:23:40 -0800 · Flag
As of 2:30PM yesterday, Thursday, November 8th, two days after the election, many votes in California remain uncounted.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037901_prop_37_vote_fraud_ballot_measure.html#ixzz2BkDXptJv
Did Prop 37 really lose or was it vote fraud?
Did Prop 37 really lose or was it vote fraud?
commented 2012-11-09 06:46:28 -0800 · Flag
not all the votes have been counted yet why do you think you lost? voter fraud…
commented 2012-11-07 22:06:40 -0800 · Flag
Just thinking. Since Monsanto has been pro-labeling in the past my guess is that what they are doing with all this anti-labeling stuff is … stall & delay.

Why? I think they are trying as hard as they can to get at least some of their GM garbage in as many products as possible. For example one can find high fructose corn syrup and soybean oil in many, many products. They are speeding this so that when another labeling campaign comes along most every product will have GM ingredients in them. Then labeling would be worthless.
commented 2012-11-07 13:11:22 -0800 · Flag
I am hoping we can get this on the Ballot again shortly. Maybe take some of the weapons away from Monsanto to criticize, ie have a higher warning and threshold to lawsuits. So it isn’t haphazard and an easy thing for them to criticize.