Right to Know Election Statement

Narrow Loss; Movement Victory!

Statement on Election Results from the California Right to Know Campaign

LA_City_Council_2.jpgYesterday, we showed that there is a food movement in the United States, and it is strong, vibrant and too powerful to stop. We always knew we were the underdogs, and the underdogs nearly took the day. Dirty money and dirty tactics may have won this skirmish, but they will not win the war.

Today, we are more than 4 million votes closer to knowing what’s in our food than when we started. This is a victory and a giant step forward. We are proud of our broad coalition of moms and dads, farmers, nurses, environmentalists, faith and labor leaders who did so much with so few resources to bring us to this point, and we will carry forward.

These results are also a reminder of the corrupting influence of huge multinational corporations on our electoral process. The world’s leading pesticide and junk food companies outspent Yes on 37 by more than 5 to 1, and beginning on October 1, spent about a million dollars a day on a hailstorm of false claims, misrepresentations and fear mongering over five simple words on a label. In the end, they spent enough money to hide the truth from the majority of voters. The food manufacturers are on the wrong side of history; they should not fight their customers, but join them.       

Honk_wave-redlands.jpgToday is not the end of our campaign to secure our fundamental right to know what’s in our food. It is a strong beginning, and we thank the millions of Californians who stood with us. We are proud of our grassroots movement, our 10,000 hardworking volunteers, and the diverse coalition of health, faith, labor and consumer groups that stood with us. We will keep fighting for consumer choice, fairness and transparency in our food system. And we will prevail.

To Victory!



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commented 2012-11-11 10:07:52 -0800 · Flag
Great Thread Everyone.
1. Remember the Gore/Bush Election and Florida? All eyes on the hanging chad?
Educate yourself by contacting Debra Bowen, CA Sec. of State on the issue of 3 million unaccounted ballots.
a)What is the offical date for formal accounting of ballots?
b)Do Counties have to comply with missing ballots? If so, when and how? Place pressure on the counties along the coast line…
c)Call – gen # (916)653-6814; elections # 916-657-2166;
d)Get it in writing -pen and paper response or email http://www.sos.ca.gov/webcontact/general/question.aspx

Education is power.
Win by applying pressure within the system and without.
Learn about Project GreenThumb – take matters in your own hand while being an advocate for our nations children.
School lunches are prepared with GMO products.
2. Continue to apply pressure on the Obama Administration. Sign the petition. They are then REQUIRED to provide a formal RESPONSE. Have them work for you! Keep the issue alive by placing it in front of President Obama.
3) The BIG PICTURE, it took 504, 760 CA voter signatures to create a ballot initiative. Those numbers grew to 4,285,787 (or more when all ballots are counted. YOU pressured BIG FOODS/BIG AG to cough up 45.6+ million. Take the iniative to every state….
4. Even if you loose the legislative battle, YOU won on building and uniting the American Public on AWARENESS. With awareness, you have choice on what and who to support.
5. Money matters, so let the BIG FOODS/BIG AG spend it on digging their own grave.
a little label….
commented 2012-11-11 10:03:15 -0800 · Flag
Tom and I at the SF Giants parade doing Prop.37 on ESPN Grantland website
commented 2012-11-11 06:14:17 -0800 · Flag
commented 2012-11-11 06:13:51 -0800 · Flag
Where, how, and what can we do about the unaccounted votes. 3,334,495 unaccounted votes is a lot! Where can we keep our eyes on this, and how can we get the state to count every single vote.
commented 2012-11-10 20:41:17 -0800 · Flag
As to pinning our hopes on the Obama Administration coming clean on having GMO-foods labeled, I think waiting for almost four years from the last time he made THAT as one of his original campaign promises is foolhardy at best!

Just look at all those big-agra and big-pharma boys he has in cabinet-level positions. I mean COME ON, Michael Taylor as one of our “food regulators”?!?!? He is a “dyed-in-the-wool” Monsanto Man who cares very little about HOW much of our food is slowly poisoning us.

I have never trusted what any of those folks have promised us, and I will never trust what they tell us now! The best solution, neighborhoods start planting their own and community gardens – and begone with all those pesky and interefering “housing codes”!

There really is not anything that beats a fresh-picked, home-grown tomato that you know what went into it. Be done with “Miracle Grow”, and all the rest of those noxious chemicals. If you have farms and ranches nearby, you have access to first-rate fertilizer that actually feeds the soil.

I am just sayin’ “You simply can not trust the Feds on anything”. You might as well trust yourselves and each other, instead.
commented 2012-11-10 20:32:30 -0800 · Flag

Just over 3.3 million votes yet to be processed?


This may just be worth watching very closely, ya think?!?

I smell an attempt at a grand theft of votes! Not like this kind of thing has not happened in this country before.

I would REALLY watch very closely on this.

There just might be a chance that this ballot initiative will surprise some folks.
commented 2012-11-10 13:59:29 -0800 · Flag
With still nearly 3 million votes left to be counted in California, the issue isn’t dead yet. A. Johnson in the “narrow loss blog” submitted this information and link to a downloadable pdf. http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/2012-elections/nov-general/pdf/unprocessed-ballots-report.pdf Don’t give up the ship yet!
commented 2012-11-10 13:46:34 -0800 · Flag
https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/require-fda-require-labeling-food-contains-genetically-modified-organisms-gmos/LT4LYrmK….. PEOPLE. PLEASE SIGN AND SUPPORT THIS PETITION TO WHITE HOUSE.. If we don’t act, nobody will do the same..go to the link and VOTE….
commented 2012-11-10 13:43:39 -0800 · Flag
THIS IS WHAT OPPONENTS TO PROP 37 SAID : WE MUST LEARN FROM THEM : The Star Tribune does a wrap-up on the ballot initiative, which was strongly opposed by many large food companies. St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. alone spent $8 million on advertising to defeat it, while Golden Valley-based General Mills Inc. spent $1.23 million and Austin, Minn.-based Hormel Foods Corp. spent $467,900.
The paper also talks with Reid MacDonald, CEO of Faribault Foods Inc. (which spent $76,000), who notes that “food companies are very good at advertising.” The industry worried a successful measure would spread to other states. I SAID SUPPORTES MUST SEND A STRONG MESSAGE SHOWING kids malformations, health problems cuased by people who was working on the field, plus Pregnant womens havidn Babies with health problems… STRONG MESSAGES TO PEOPLE, will Wake Up to all communities
commented 2012-11-10 06:42:05 -0800 · Flag
Thank you so much for Nicolas Cage for his support. If we had had the means to have several actors like him on air and ads (in the same ad) during the campaign, we would have won. California is the place to do it again because other states will be obliged to label gmos.
commented 2012-11-09 12:01:47 -0800 · Flag
I live in Chicago and did what I could by donating my time and money to this effort. Please let us know how we can continue to help until GMOs are labeled everywhere (at a minimum). I also will not be buying from any of the organic and “natural” traitor companies and brands anymore.
commented 2012-11-09 08:32:29 -0800 · Flag
The California Secretary of State’s office claims there are approximately 3 million votes to be counted.


The spread between yes and no on 37 is about 500,000. Why are all of the organizations that are for yes campaign already consenting to defeat? Shrinking 500,000 votes from 3 million left seems like a legitimate chance. Even if the prop loses, if there’s a 1% difference between yes and no, then a recount is enacted. Are there lawyers looking into the situation? I have no proof but it would not be a stretch to believe that with the overwelming support for 37 that voter fraud would be in play, especially with dealing with a company like Monsanto. I’m confused, why are the Yes on 37 consenting?
commented 2012-11-08 21:45:31 -0800 · Flag
PLEASE read…I was shocked this did not pass. But I understand this is just the beginning, and is spreading to other states! My friend gave me Monsanto’s number. Why don’t you guys call them at
314-694-1000 and ask them why they gave MILLIONS on NO on 37!! Maybe call them twice. I’m currently a member of Vangaurdian Press Group in LA and am eager to write more about our good cause!

Feel free to email me at kevkev1133@hotmail.com with your thoughts.
commented 2012-11-08 19:38:39 -0800 · Flag
Tremendous work, 10,000 volunteers who brought GMO labeling to National attention. TY all!

Let’s not stop here.
1)In 2007, Obama pledged to require GMO labeling. Let’s put this agenda on his table by signing the petition: 25,000 signatures before Dec. 8th.
2. I will lend my support to get out the vote in 2013 for the states that are considering a similar ballot measure: WA, OR, CT, VT.
3. Will work with any organize who wants to take this to other states in 2013.
We the people have the power and strength to mobilize the vote and unite the voice. LABEL IT.
commented 2012-11-08 16:51:29 -0800 · Flag
I am so proud to be part of this movement! This is just the beginning! We are currently fighting for proper labeling in the wine industry as well. Consumers are so busy in their everyday life that it is too easy to accidentally purchase something that will have harmful and lasting effects. Nor would we know even if we had time to read the ingredients (which is not even required on wine, believe it or not). I know I am preaching to the choir, but we have the right to have this information easily displayed on packaging. Purchasing organic, going to farmers markets and not buying from the big GMO companies will definitely send a message. I like one persons suggestion to always keep the companies that opposed Yes on #37 handy, to remind us to NOT purchase from them.
commented 2012-11-08 16:44:52 -0800 · Flag
I am so proud to be part of this movement! This is just the beginning! We are currently fighting for proper labeling in the wine industry as well. Consumers are so busy in their everyday life that it is too easy to accidentally purchase something that will have harmful and lasting effects. Nor would we know, even if we had time to read the ingredients listing (which is not even required on wine labels, believe it or not). I know I am preaching to the choir, but we have the right to have this information easily displayed on the packages.
commented 2012-11-08 16:37:52 -0800 · Flag
I love the positive spirit! Although, like most of you I am shocked that we don’t have enough people in this state to pass Yes on #37, but this is just a wake up call to spread the word, and get something passed that will give All Americans the “Right to Know”
commented 2012-11-08 16:08:19 -0800 · Flag
I loved seeing real people from my community (Redding CA) coming together to support GMO labeling and to support a safer and healthier food system. People do care and when people talk to their friends and neighbors more people see how reasonable it is to be able to know what is in our food, and how un-American it is for companies to hide that information from us.
commented 2012-11-08 15:48:51 -0800 · Flag
It is very Sad that Organic growers are in real trouble, because Transgenic seeds is taking over our land, our innocent farmers who are promised a better product, AND NEVER NEVER Mention about ROYALTIES. that will tied them up for entire life. .. IT is Any Way, that we can help these traditional /organic growers ? Someone must star taking action.

Maiceros de Córdoba están al borde de la quiebra
Hay 90.000 toneladas de maíz blanco y amarillo represadas. Los compradores ofrecen un valor inferior al que se vende.
commented 2012-11-08 14:20:04 -0800 · Flag
I am sad that people didn’t find it important to know what they are putting in their mouths. I am happy that the food movement will only get stronger from here.
commented 2012-11-08 10:17:02 -0800 · Flag
And Gmo’s and pesticides on our fruits and vegetables ( Check the Dirty Dozen list on Google to learn which are more important to avoid and there is a list of 15 vegetables and fruits that do not have much of a problem if you do not buy them organic..at least to start with when you are in a limited budget).. These Gmo’s are causing us many illnesses. Autism, Parkinson’s, Allergies, Arthritis and many others as explained on the Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith ..

I am a living proof of Arthritis….I have taken out of my diet, tomatoes, potatoes at the begining and start noticing less inflammation and pain on my joints then when I ate any type of Corn, sypmtoms increased, so I stopped eating corn,(can corn, tortillas, tostadas, sopes, etc.) but here was a huge job because corn is in 83% of our food, even in vitamins and supplements that I was taking to reduce my swollen joints.. even Whey Protein is contaminated..(check the invisible GMo’s) all the names they use to hide Corn as an ingredient: Maltrodextrin, Cellulose, Dextrose, Soy Lecithin, baking powder, etc..and many many more..is a huge list..so I started looking for supplements on the Internet without Corn and found one in 10 as an example..and i bought it..I plan to return to my Vitamin Store to let them know that I wont be buying any of their products with Gmo’s in them..I already started returning to Walmart products like Mayonaise and others that their first ingredient is Corn Syrup..

So we all have a big task ahead of us..but all our hard work is worth it!!..we are cleaning are way to a better health for us, our families, children, grand-children and future generations..

Let’s not be discourage for this past lost battle..ii helped to get more people to know the truth..I started with that first million signatures..now we are 4 million..let’s keep Focus and working for this cause all the time..so for the next one we will sure Win..
commented 2012-11-08 10:00:18 -0800 · Flag
All facts are needed to make well informed decisions-even about what we eat.
commented 2012-11-08 09:39:42 -0800 · Flag
WHAT is CANOLA oil? Is it not a GMO from the rapeseed plant? Is it not an acronym? CAN = Canada. O = oil. L = low. A = acid. No canola plant existed 100 years ago!!! Advanced processing of a GMO plant byproduct does not make the product sold “healthy” for mankind. GMO’s are killing bee colonies worldwide. GMO’s are causing cancers worldwide. GMO’s are leading to deaths worldwide. This is a fight to the death one way or another. Just say’n the facts Jack! We must fight! And fight with faith on all fronts!!! “Truth is independant of one’s understanding or beliefs, it stands supremely alone” ~ Shawn P. Murphy
commented 2012-11-08 09:34:11 -0800 · Flag
Can i get a list of all the companies that voted down Prop37, I see there are a lot of organics, that I will no longer be purchasing!
commented 2012-11-08 09:26:58 -0800 · Flag
Among the No on 37 donors was Ocean Spray Cranberries.
I purchased my Thanksgiving fresh cranberries from Habelman.
commented 2012-11-08 09:26:58 -0800 · Flag
Among the No on 37 donors was Ocean Spray Cranberries.
I purchased my Thanksgiving fresh cranberries from Habelman.
commented 2012-11-08 05:47:49 -0800 · Flag
Lots of good ideas here. I like the one where you pre-educate everyone so that they are not fooled by the corporate special interest lies. Let those kind of TV ads roll off of people like water off a duck’s back.
commented 2012-11-08 05:06:34 -0800 · Flag
Keep this right Movement going!
commented 2012-11-08 00:16:39 -0800 · Flag
Pamm, Thank You for starting this!

Here are some of the products of our opposition: These organic and “natural” traitor companies and brands include:

Kellogg’s (Kashi, Bear Naked, Morningstar Farms);
General Mills (Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm, Larabar);
Dean Foods (Horizon, Silk, White Wave);
Smucker’s (R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic);
Coca-Cola (Honest Tea, Odwalla);
Safeway (“O” Organics);
Kraft (Boca Burgers and Back to Nature);
Con-Agra (Orville Redenbacher’s Organic, Hunt’s Organic, Lightlife); and
PepsiCo (Naked Juice, Tostito’s Organic, Tropicana Organic)

i will be advocating people to avoid these products. Otherwise we continue to fund the opposition. Bummer I liked Horizon, Honest Tea and Odwalla.
commented 2012-11-08 00:14:56 -0800 · Flag
Keep the pressure on! We’ll keep posting about your efforts in California on GreenJoyment, and when it’s passed there, we’ll move forward in Colorado too!
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