Celebrities For the Win: Yes on 37!

Celebrities For the Win: Yes on 37!

Kudos to conscientious celebrities rushing forward to support our right to know what's in our food. They are using their star power to show support for Proposition 37 with words, videos and social media messages.  Celebrities For The Win!

photo-gwyneth-paltrow-588x441.jpgGwyneth Paltrow: "Voting YES on California's Proposition 37 will require all genetically modified foods to be labeled, something that's currently not done in the US but is done in more than 50 other countries. This means you'll have a choice between buying an ear of corn that's been genetically modified and one that's not. It's just a label! And it's just freedom of information, after all."

The LA band Maroon 5, longtime proponents of Prop 37, tweeted this note of support.

@Maroon5: "On Election Day we’ll support the right to know with a  vote to ."

Singing legend Barbra Streisand expressed her belief of our right to know in this tweet.

@BarbraStreisand: "Everyone has right to know what they’re eating! Join  in labeling GMO foods. Please RT. Barbra."

Actor Charlie Sheen showed us some love. You know what that means...Winning!

@charliesheen: "Say NO to GMO!! Why are we eating genetically modified food? Why are the bees vanishing? You have a right to know..! CA VOTE YES ON PROP 37!"

@charliesheen:  "CA VOTERS you have a right to know what you're eating! Whether you support the use of GMO's or not... YOU deserve to KNOW YES on prop 37 RT"

Jessica Alba: "In response to the lack of federal oversight, labeling bills have been proposed in more than a dozen states including California over the past year. If passed in November, California’s Proposition 37 would be the first law requiring that genetically modified foods carry a label so consumers can make an informed choice about what they buy and eat. While the United States has yet to pass any federal or state labeling requirements (although this could change with upcoming election), more than 50 countries including Japan, China, Russia, and those in the European Union require GMO labeling."

@dannymasterson: "YESYESYESYESYESYES!!! RT: Ok , not much time left. Let's stop Monsanto & let's label"

@Pharrell: "RT: You are what you eat. Don't you think you have a right to know what that is?

: "California! Vote Yes Prop37! Here's why☛ Healthy Darling"

@vanderjames "Hey CA -  would require that food with GMO's be labeled. Vote Yes on 37 to know what's in your food. "

@kennyflorian: "What happens on Nov 6th in California affects everyone who eats in the U.S. & beyond. Vote YES on Prop 37 & let's label  foods!"

@KaDeeStrick: "Support @CARightToKnow #LabelGMOs, add a #twibbon to your avatar."

@kaitlin_olson: "Prop 37: not an argument about whether GMOs are good or bad. It's about the right to know if there are GMOs in the food we buy."

@Glenn_Howerton: "I'm amazed that some people think Monsanto perpetuates GMO food for any other reason than to increase their profits. "

@JayyH RT : RT: You are what you eat. Don't you think you have a right to know what that is?

@kevinrose: Great article by : Why I’m Voting Yes on Prop 37: Label Genetically Modified Foods 

Bill Maher 

Lisa Bonet and more

Russell Simmons

Marisa Tomei and more

Danny DeVito, Jillian Michaels, Dave Matthews, and more.

James Franco, Elijah Wood & Adrian Grenier

Danny DeVito and friends strike again!

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we have the right to know what’s in our food!
Thanks celebrities for making another great video with your support for Prop 37!
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