Democratic Party Supports Prop 37: Beware of Slate Cards from Fake Democratic Groups!

Democratic Party Supports Prop 37: Beware of Slate Cards from Fake Democratic Groups!

The opposition is hard at work trying to mislead voters. Just today, an LA voter received a mailer from the "LA County Democratic" with a sample ballot advising a no vote on Prop 37. She called the LA County Democratic Party who told her that since the word "Party" isn't on the mailer, there's nothing they can do.






ALSO SEE: Fake front group mailers from cops, greens and literacy groups opposing Prop 37.

How much more obvious could it be that the world's largest pesticide and junk food companies believe they can only win this election by lying to voters???

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I received a similar fake slate in the Bay Area (all positions matched CA Dems except 37).
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Despite importance of the issue this campaign was hijacked by the group ultimately using it as another way to promote Dem party. As a result It’s become partisan issue and failed to achieve broad support among Californians. Shame on you!
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Wow this really makes me upset how they would lie to the people.. Saddest thing is people fall for it..
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I am actually in tears. So disappointed. How can we take care of ourselves when unethical behavior and money are what wins the day?
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This is blatantly unethical and ought to be illegal. In fact, most of the ads funded by the No on 37 campaign had lies in them. So how let’s sue them for stealing the Yes votes with fear-mongering and lies?!
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Unfortunately they succeeded. They htrew so much money on this and stole the election. I am EXTREMELY disappointed prop 37 lost. :(
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Is there any to find out who is really sending them out?
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I can’t understand how individuals, groups, organizations can stoop so low using misleading tactics on innocent people.
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YES! I also got one from the GREEN PARTY – Which was totally NOT from anyone at the green party. Is this not illegal??