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Today, I had an especially astute friend alert me to the propaganda technique of FUD or “fear, uncertainly, and doubt” as the technique particularly applied to the No on 37 campaign in California. The easily manipulated citizens (“victims” would be a better word) of the Central Valley are apparently quite susceptible to this crude, ancient, but still effective propaganda technique.

The State of Washington and other states and communities need to be on the lookout for any and all propaganda on behalf of Monsanto.

Please see:


commented on Food Democracy in California: the World is Watching 2012-11-07 00:36:01 -0800 · Flag
Rome wasn’t built in a day; the pizza parlors alone took several weeks.

commented on Faith Leaders For The Win! Labeling is a Moral Issue 2012-11-06 00:28:53 -0800 · Flag
I have a question.

Has anyone ever had a strange kind of scalp itching immediately after consuming certain strains of rice? I am wondering if this apparent allergic response is common, is caused by GMO rice, or is just my own immune system. I have never experienced such a reaction until quite recently.

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It’s too bad there are so few real journalists and so few truly great scientists (if any) in California who have the knowledge, backbone and integrity to tell the truth about how deadly GMO technology really is.

California may no longer be the vanguard it once was. California’s newspapers, fraudulent academics, “scientists,” and “leaders” completely failed us all.

But I am not giving up on my beloved California quite yet! So many wonderful people who worked so hard and sacrificed much time and money for this cause did raise awareness. Let’s work hard, educate, and network all across the nation with others. Let’s study the techniques Monsanto, its PR firms, academic shills, internet shills use to manipulate people. Let’s be on the lookout for corporate infiltration and propaganda and disclose our findings.

The biotech world is more bizarre than any science fiction could ever be, isn’t it? It’s time to put biotech in its place.

commented on Foes of Honest Labeling Pose as Fake Cops and Phony Democrats to Trick Voters 2012-11-05 11:53:58 -0800 · Flag
While I acknowledge that the legal system of the United States is almost completely broken (with few exceptions, the system benefits, above all, the rich and powerful) impersonation and misrepresentation must be prosecuted.

Who and what are behind these alleged activities and why isn’t the Attorney General (or Attorney Generals) pursuing these activities more aggressively if at all?

commented on Foreign, Out-of-State Companies Fueling Campaign Against GMO Labeling 2012-11-03 16:52:51 -0700 · Flag
If Proposition 37 doesn’t clear this time, perhaps “Proposition 37.2” will.

We don’t give up and won’t give up; our kids are too important.

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Excellent Work!

commented on Food Industry Leaders Object to Fasle Information from No on 37 Campaign 2012-10-29 21:58:27 -0700 · Flag
“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.”

Attributed to Nobel Prize winner (and Californian) Richard Feynman.

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Did Monsanto ever apologize for all the deformed children it helped create? Did Monsanto ever apologize for all the damage created by Agent Orange? I think I know the answer.

GMOs could be worse, much worse, than Agent Orange.

We will never give up fighting for our “food freedom,” will we people?

commented on Newspapers That Stood Tall In Face Of Pesticide Industry Propaganda 2012-10-26 23:39:02 -0700 · Flag
Congratulations to the few newspapers who have the integrity to support the people of California. One lesson to learn from all of this: cancel your subscriptions to California syndicated newspapers if at all possible! Syndicated newspapers as they currently exist are largely obsolete relics at best and fraudulent at worst. The latter appears to be the norm in California.

I feel that communities should publicly own and publish their own local newspapers—the revenues going to the community and not to spineless, journalistically impotent corporate media empires.

Lead the way, California!

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commented on California Right to Know Calls for Criminal Investigation of No on 37 For Possible Fraud 2012-10-31 20:14:11 -0700 · Flag
A massive investigation -or better, a massive series of investigations- simply must be launched regarding the $40,000,000+ assault on California by the GMO mafia and the junk food cartels.

1) Have any California newspapers, editors, writers been bribed to support the GMO scorched Earth movement?

2) Have any California researchers, professors, or academics been bribed or pressured to support the GMO scorched Earth movement? (It needs hardly mentioned that at least two or three institutions west of Sacramento require particularly intense scrutiny).

3) Can the People of California be sure that all votes supporting Proposition 37 will be counted accurately?

4) The People of California are obviously being defrauded—as was fully expected. The American People can be assured that there is a lot going on in Sacramento within a mile of the California State Capitol building.

5) Who are all the players of these deadly games? These are no ordinary grmes, but rather games which could destroy our food and our future.

commented on We are Big Fans of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski 2012-10-19 23:43:04 -0700 · Flag
Speaking as a Democrat, I think Republican Lisa Murkowski is absolutely right on!

Now if we can just get our Democratic President, Barack Obama, on board with the “progressives” (at least on this issue) in both parties!

Get with it, fellow Democrats!

commented on 'DDT Doctor Caught Misrepresenting Stanford AGAIN 2012-10-19 19:58:54 -0700 · Flag
Because there are apparently very few journalists in California, we especially thank you, Right to Know, for keeping us up to date.

—I think we can be confident that our opposition has a few other tricks up its sleeves.

—Voter fraud is an extremely distinct possibility.

—I am hoping that throughout California teams of lawyers and observers will be on hand from now until after November 6 to monitor what I believe will be inevitable attempts of fraud.

—Sacramento obviously needs to be monitored very closely. Personally, I have no faith in the integrity of the newspapers, governing bodies, and political machinery in Sacramento, California.

—Observers from all over the country, and media from all over the world should be asked to set up residence in Sacramento from now until November 6.

—Monsanto’s PR firm in Sacramento (and any other PR firms throughout California) must be monitored very, very closely.

commented on Orange Jumpsuits for the No on 37 Campaign? 2012-10-28 19:15:51 -0700 · Flag
Thanks for your comments, Max.

I am hoping and praying that California will do the right by supporting Proposition 37.

I try to remind myself that every crisis presents an opportunity—and so it is and will be with GMOs.

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Hello Cindi:

I really appreciate your comment. Here is a reflection or two for what they may be worth.

Computers, the Internet, television, radio, newspapers are all wonderful tools. But they are only tools; we have often made them objects of uncritical worship. Each of these tools has been used by Monsanto and its California propagandists against Californians, and we have learned that a significant portion of Californians are very susceptible to propaganda—the counties of Fresno, Kern, Kings, and Tulare are apparently particularly gullible for many reasons. Well, when we aren’t trained to be skeptical, when we aren’t trained to be aware of propaganda techniques, when we believe what third-rate scientists (and I am being all too kind) are trained to say, we will have problems. In his A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes on the grave dangers of television watching (pp. 230-233). I submit that his excellent observations also apply to the other “tools” listed above.

California’s media, newspapers, newspaper publishers, and “journalists” have utterly failed all of us. I really believe if we all cancel our newspaper subscriptions we will all be much better informed! Most corporate newspapers are a complete waste; communities need to start their OWN newspapers and take responsibility for the contents. If you don’t have a plan, you become part of someone else’s plan.

Again, I really appreciate your comment and I really appreciate this website for exchanges—which are no doubt being monitored and recorded by Monsanto as per their custom. Not to worry; their “success” contains the very seeds of their demise. Their empire, however imperceptible as it may seem, is crumbling at this moment.

commented on SacBee Says No on 37 Ads "Misleading" 2012-10-12 21:49:02 -0700 · Flag
I applaud the Sacramento Bee for the above report. How I wish that the Sac Bee would come out and fully support Proposition 37.

Meanwhile, UC Davis has been under scrutiny and rightfully so. Many of us who have long followed the GMO issue have been gravely concerned about relationship of UC Davis to the GMO industry.

The time has come for Californians to demand comprehensive investigations regarding biotech industry ties to academia—and any and all institutions (and there are many) subject to biotech corruption. It is our right, our duty, and our responsibility to question the knowledge and integrity of “scientists” and academics who may be misleading the People of California on these most important issues.

See the following:


Also see Michele Simon’s Huffington Post article of 9/24/2012, “University of California at Davis Reports Make Dubious Claims on Prop 37.”

commented on Statement on October 11 Pepperdine Poll 2012-10-12 20:45:45 -0700 · Flag
Thanks, California Right to Know.

Many might appreciate seeing the various polling figures somewhere quite visible on your website. And perhaps maybe the CRtK could conduct its own statewide Prop. 37 polling. I wonder what regions in California are still “in the dark” on this critical issue?

commented on Fighting For Prop 37: The Truth that $36 Million Can’t Hide 2012-10-14 22:19:36 -0700 · Flag
This good GMO news just in from SOUTH AFRICA!