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We oppose deception, & we oppose lying by omission.  We're running out of non-GMO foods to eat.  Our survival as a species, all of us, is threatened by GMOs in foods, fibers, enzymes used in foods production, & other things, such as medicines.  Transgenic transmssion via gut & other bacteria, at least, is a present reality, & it's out of control, with no known way to stop it at this time.  Labeling is a good start.  Thank you for your participation.

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ust donated another $1000 today, November 1st, Thursday. We’re running out of non-GMO foods to eat. Time is of the essence of this campaign. The movie, GeneticRouletteMovie.com, is still on-line for free on line until end of election day. After that, it’s still available pay per view, which was $2.99 last time it was not for free, or the DVD hard copy is also available, about $20 per copy or about $75 for six copies ordered at one time. Regarding the need to label Genetically Engineered or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in foods, I haven’t seen one person yet not convinced after viewing that movie. Thank you for your participation.

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