Maxwell Smart

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To be honest I have been swamped in school and I didn’t get to see yer post until today. And I responded to you with email. But then I read the post by J Grey.

I am not a conspiracy thery guy. I am in the first year of college and voting for the first time. IDK who to vote for. Romney and Obama both make sense. Compared to other country’s dictators, I think we are deciding between two boy scouts.

But what about 37? Wut u say makes sense and so does J Grey. But like i wrote, $400 + the FB lie and i am so not down with the corporate lies. So IDK about conspiracies. But then u link me to a study to show the $400 cost is wrong. I dunno. But I just got bored. Giants game not on TV yet. So I looked at the link. I am not going to lie, I didnt actually read it all.

But you asked a lawyer (?!) from Georgia (?!) to review the costs of 37?! WTF? Are you trying to trick me like the FB guy?

If you wanted to know about the cost of 37, why didnt u hire an economy guy in California? And why does the lawyer post the report on a biased website? Yes, I looked at that website that you tried to bury in the URL. It is not even close to a neutral site.

So I already voted by mail and I am sorry if I blew it. But looking back, I think I did the right thing. Your corporate tricksters created a fake FB page, typed up a bs report by a lawyer at a Georgia University and post it on a biased website.

I think I voted right.

Wut do u think? I mean serious. Like do u rly think I wasted my vote? It is my first time and I dont like the lies already. And I think u r not working for 37. I think u r a real person. So what is rly so important abt 37 that I should believe their corp lies and support it?


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I want to know and I do know. In addition to “knowing” I want to feed the starving children who benefit from all genetically superior food. I don’t have the $400+ per year I will have to pay for groceries if Prop 37 passes. Why should I support 37 when it is going to mean I cannot afford my children’s clothes if I also intend to feed them (+$400)?!