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commented on Narrow Loss; Movement Victory! 2012-11-07 10:47:05 -0800 · Flag
It’s finally here, Election Day. After months and months of debates, political commercials and often heated discussions with friends and family, the time has come where people from all over America have an opportunity to get involved and cast their vote in support of a better America.

A few months ago, I found out about Proposition 37. It would require labeling of foods that contain GMOs, genetically engineered food. I knew about GMOs from watching documentaries like the “Future of Food” and realized how important this issue was to the future of our food.

This issue, which was started by a grandmother in Chino, California, moved me to get involved. Over the past several weeks, I have found myself volunteering to make calls to other Californians to let them know about this initiative, standing on street corners with other volunteers, holding signs that read “Yes on 37, your Right to know” and going to downtown L.A. to sit and watch as the members of the city council voted unanimously to endorse Prop 37.

When you get involved with a grass roots movement, you do what you can with the money you have. There were no deep pockets to support this measure. The biggest resource came for the passionate people who gave up a moment of their time in hope of making a difference. Collectively, they were David up against a powerful well-funded Goliath a collective of chemical and pesticide companies the same folks who introduced DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange.

While David stood on a street corner Goliath used limitless resources to filled TV, radio, and mass mailing with its’ disinformation campaign. His message was created to confuse and cause uncertainty and it was working. I had read once that when the public is confused or does not understand an issue they usually vote against it. The media reported that support for prop 37 was dropping. These outlets who had profited from Goliath’s deep pockets were only to willing an ally

Up until a few months ago, Prop 37 had a commanding lead but the massive attacks from Goliath had worked and now the race is neck and neck race.

Who knows what will happen when the polls close today. Pass or fail I will have at least done my best to follow what I felt was right. No more will I sit on the sideline and let others carry the water.

All the best