Monsanto Halloween Video

Courtesy of our friends at Food & Water Watch

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commented 2012-11-06 11:33:06 -0800 · Flag
This is great. If I were in California, I’d be running around telling people to vote yes. Here in Wisconsin you mention GMO and they look at you like you were crazy. But I keep talking, nonetheless After all, we all have to eat.
Great humor and serious message – I think I am more focused on the outcome of this proposition than I am on the outcome of the election.
commented 2012-11-05 19:54:47 -0800 · Flag
I’ll take nature = God over science= man any day.
commented 2012-11-05 18:14:40 -0800 · Flag
Great… Sharing and tweeting and spreading the word!!!!!
commented 2012-11-05 18:05:50 -0800 · Flag
It is the night before voting and all over town, people are running around, running around vote, vote, vote I say….vote, vote vote I say, its your right don’t you know your right to know whats in your food. Don’t let the chemical companies tell you what to do.
commented 2012-11-05 17:48:01 -0800 · Flag
Love it!!!!
commented 2012-11-04 23:24:43 -0800 · Flag
commented 2012-11-04 22:23:56 -0800 · Flag
Frankenfood Video
funny with serious facts this video is a great tool to rais the awareness about GMO’s A must watch :-)
commented 2012-11-02 22:27:29 -0700 · Flag
I think it’s great that Hollywood celebrities are speaking out against Monsanto. Most people aren’t interested in listening to the truth until someone famous actually stands behind the cause, sad yet effective. Rock N’ Roll…..Chef Life Clothing Co. fully endorses prop 37
commented 2012-11-02 16:46:48 -0700 · Flag
Better start labeling or quit eating all meat and eggs except organic. Most all US livestock and poultry is fed GMO corn and/or soybeans.
commented 2012-11-02 12:27:46 -0700 · Flag
Please Everyone share THIS!!!! Time is running out… TELL EVERYONE!
commented 2012-11-02 07:42:02 -0700 · Flag
Absolutely Awesome!!! These companies should be exposed for what they really are and what they really stand for. Thank you guys that was great!!
commented 2012-11-02 03:41:45 -0700 · Flag
Carolyn: Sorry to hear that. I also know Taco Bell is GMO. However I called up Rubio’s and they said that their corn tacos are non-GMO [i.e. real corn]. Frieto Lay says they use whatever corn they can get. Mission corn chips and tacos are non-GMO. Jiffy popcorn has their own farms and plant the same non-GMO corn they have been planting for years. You have to call the companies and ask. There is usually a phone number or a web page you can go to to ask questions.
commented 2012-11-02 01:22:34 -0700 · Flag
I was blocked from Facebook posting as spam when I tried to warn others about getting very ill from eating GMO chips at Chipotle. I had severe headache and diarrhea
commented 2012-11-01 16:51:38 -0700 · Flag
Thanks Danny! You’re the best!
commented 2012-11-01 15:45:29 -0700 · Flag
commented 2012-11-01 14:23:34 -0700 · Flag
Good luck to you all from New Zealand, Auckland. Behind you all the way!
commented 2012-11-01 11:53:43 -0700 · Flag
Ironic but true…
commented 2012-11-01 11:48:24 -0700 · Flag
Thank You, for getting the word out in a way some can understand.
commented 2012-11-01 11:32:20 -0700 · Flag
I want to again thank the lady who posted what happened to her. She was suffering from the same symptoms as was I. She made a stew for her and her husband and gave the what wasn’t eaten to her dog. Her dog almost died. Investigating, she found she had used genetically modified corn in her stew that was “engineered” to make the Bt-toxin. By avoiding GM food, she recovered. This told me what my doctor’s didn’t know. By avoiding GM food, I recovered. I told my dad. By avoiding GM food, he recovered. But it was to late to save my son. My family & I are very allergic to the Bt-toxin. And it seems mice, dogs, sheep, goats, cattle are also very sensitive the GM foods.
commented 2012-11-01 09:50:17 -0700 · Flag
Go Prop 37!!!! By the way…never, ever, ever vote for anyone who says “Trust Me!”
commented 2012-11-01 09:38:20 -0700 · Flag
Pet food contains ground GMO corn and soy. Bread a raw steak in the same ground mixture and you will then have to label it.
commented 2012-11-01 08:05:18 -0700 · Flag
Hey Mollie, guess what? Pet food is covered by prop 37 because the Sherman Act has defined it as regular food :) – That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund has endorsed Prop 37, so we know what we’re buying our furry friends, too!
commented 2012-11-01 04:54:54 -0700 · Flag
Boycotting Monsanto products sends the ONLY DIRECT MESSAGE that a corporation understands! The ONLY reason for their existence is to SELL PRODUCT and MAKE PROFIT. Boycotts have BEEN PROVEN to be EFFECTIVE!! That is how the Civil Rights Movement made it’s greatest impact on segregation and destroyed it forever…. STOP BUYING MONSANTO PRODUCTS! Someone erroneously said “we might as well stop breathing”… no… By strangling sales of Monsanto products and sugnificantly dropping their BOTTOM LINE we stop THEM FROM BREATHING and can oust the Board of Directors and the corrupt culture that is making money “hand over fist” there…. BELIEVE ME.. It’s the only way to catch a corporation’s attention!!
commented 2012-11-01 04:23:22 -0700 · Flag
I would include that pet consumers and farmers have the right to know about what is in their pet food, animal and fish feed as well.

This isn’t just about us humans, it’s about all the living things on our planet.

I’d like to see this campaign open up to a wider audience, because I care about what is fed to animals whether they are pets or raised as food for humans.

Think about it – the animals you eat are the food they ate and drugs they were given…

Still hungry?

Think about it…

Mollie Morrissette
Mendocino County, Northern California

Author of Poisoned Pets (A look inside the pet food industry)
commented 2012-11-01 04:04:42 -0700 · Flag
The is way deeper than GMO’s. Yes on 37 lets Monsanto know all their $$, suing small farmers, bribing politicians is not flying with the American people
commented 2012-11-01 02:38:44 -0700 · Flag
On Ejection Day….who is prepared to go to the polls and make damned certain the ballots are accurately being counted? Funny how things happen—-it is being claimed that over 90% of the population is flatly opposed to GMO but won’t it be a surprise when 90% of the votes come out against 37 after the final; electronic “tally” if by such a name it can be dignified, of our votes….I can only hope that somebody in pro37 is covering the six with about 200 bucks in their jeans to demand and pay for a hand recount. I think you will be needing it——none of you can possibly be that trusting of election bureaucrats and oblivious any longer of the grim fact that the fix is in on Ballot Row in this country just as it has been for decades.
commented 2012-11-01 02:34:13 -0700 · Flag
stop using processed foods and cook with things you grow, thats more than a boycott, thats life changing…
commented 2012-11-01 02:31:56 -0700 · Flag
Robert, I agree. For the last four years we have been forced to follow that guide stone agenda 21. The one thing I would add is the confiscation and destruction of property [rain-forest] in the Amazon portion of Brazil for the growing of Bt-soy. [not to mention the large use of land in the rest of Brazil and in Argentina for Bt-soy production.]
commented 2012-11-01 02:15:08 -0700 · Flag
I have seen it suggested here that we should “boycott Monsanto”….yes, and while we are at it we should also stop breathing in protest against air pollution, too I suppose. It would make as much sense. What Monsanto and others of their ilk are engaging in is none other than the wholesale biochemical warfare against the people of this nation—-you can either take that as an outright act of treason if those responsible are citizens of this country or of war if otherwise.

Ever hear of the Georgia Guidestones? Well, those “guidestones” are in all sane likelihood “guiding” the likes of Kissinger, Bernanke and other strains of parasites of the 300 and you don’t deal with that by “boycotting” them but by hanging them for treason or for crimes against humanity… I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in America’s current JU$T U$ system and in fact quite open contempt and loathing for it but I believe that if there be enough of a crescendo of public outrage from across the seas over the global poisoning of our food—-biochemical warfare against humanity—-the stink rich CEOs of Monsanto, Dow et al and their flunkies can be brought up before the Hague on charges of crimes against humanity and face public execution for what they have done and for the rank sociopaths they in fact are.
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