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Nice news, thanks
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Well, we need to take a look at the incredible attention the grassroots-driven campaign for our Right to Know is generating.

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Nice to be visiting your blog again, it has been months for me. Well this article that i’ve been waited for so long.
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Cornucopia Institute is circulating an announcement that the USDA is soliciting public comments about synthetic ingredients that have been allowed in “organics”. We have until Dec 26 to submit and possibly get the loophole closed and the laws enforced.
commented 2012-12-07 14:01:26 -0800 · Flag
Too bad we can’t spray Roundup on Monsanto so that they disappear and go away.
commented 2012-11-29 09:47:41 -0800 · Flag
750,000 remain uncounted as of Wed 6pm
PORP 37 is now at 48.2%
commented 2012-11-25 19:52:21 -0800 · Flag
On Brian Ridgely comment," Millions of uncounted votes remain in California". If BR is right, I think the folks at ‘CARightToKnow’ should file a public interest lawsuit against the CA Secretary of State to recount all the votes again and uncover this fraud!

It is a shame that electoral fraud is happening in a developed country like US of A!
commented 2012-11-21 19:30:14 -0800 · Flag
If 2012 was a NON-presidential election year we no-doubt would have passed this. Many wont go out of there way to vote during the general State elections aside from the gubernatorial race (next in 2014). We need to give this another shot in 2013 or 2015. Other States pushing for a similar measure should also consider this strategy. With all the increased awareness and experience we all gained it could be a grand-slam next time around. I’m in there again for the next round of sig gathering! Let’s do it Pamm!
commented 2012-11-13 15:04:09 -0800 · Flag
Over 1.6 million ballots are still uncounted right now. Sign petition to Debra Bowen, Ca Secretary of State. Every vote Counts!
commented 2012-11-11 10:14:41 -0800 · Flag
I’m in Canada and have started a Petition!
If you know anyone in Canada, have them sign this Petition, and get the ball rolling for MANDATORY LABELING ON FOODS!
Thank You!
commented 2012-11-09 21:12:07 -0800 · Flag
Hello Cindi:

I really appreciate your comment. Here is a reflection or two for what they may be worth.

Computers, the Internet, television, radio, newspapers are all wonderful tools. But they are only tools; we have often made them objects of uncritical worship. Each of these tools has been used by Monsanto and its California propagandists against Californians, and we have learned that a significant portion of Californians are very susceptible to propaganda—the counties of Fresno, Kern, Kings, and Tulare are apparently particularly gullible for many reasons. Well, when we aren’t trained to be skeptical, when we aren’t trained to be aware of propaganda techniques, when we believe what third-rate scientists (and I am being all too kind) are trained to say, we will have problems. In his A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes on the grave dangers of television watching (pp. 230-233). I submit that his excellent observations also apply to the other “tools” listed above.

California’s media, newspapers, newspaper publishers, and “journalists” have utterly failed all of us. I really believe if we all cancel our newspaper subscriptions we will all be much better informed! Most corporate newspapers are a complete waste; communities need to start their OWN newspapers and take responsibility for the contents. If you don’t have a plan, you become part of someone else’s plan.

Again, I really appreciate your comment and I really appreciate this website for exchanges—which are no doubt being monitored and recorded by Monsanto as per their custom. Not to worry; their “success” contains the very seeds of their demise. Their empire, however imperceptible as it may seem, is crumbling at this moment.
commented 2012-11-09 20:21:28 -0800 · Flag
J Grey said: “Perhaps my words are a bit strong in the above paragraph, and I really am not quite ready to give up on newspapers. But what about COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS ENTIRELY OWNED, LOCALLY OWNED BY THE COMMUNITY, BEHOLDEN TO THE COMMUNITY, SERVING THE COMMUNITY? A radical idea in an age of corporate media subjugation, but it is an old idea that must return renewed.”

I’m considering doing just that. Sitting in my front yard and working daily on a neighborhood newsletter. I like what I do, now, but the problem is I am beginning to think working on the computer all day is distorting my sense of place, reality, and belonging. I work among people who also work with their heads in the machines all day. We talk into the machines but not to each other about the most important issues. I sometimes feel almost desperate for a place where I can live in the full three-dimensional world again. Most workplaces do not allow this now, you have to work on computers.

Maybe that’s fine for most people but I am beginning to believe computers have convinced everyone that important things always happen somewhere else. At least when I look around that is what I see.
commented 2012-11-08 22:56:17 -0800 · Flag
All eyes on Washington state I -522…they are gathering signatures now get a labelling law similar to Prop 37 in Washington …lets support them, I am sure they have learned alot from the California campaign.
commented 2012-11-08 22:27:45 -0800 · Flag
Millions of uncounted votes remain in California. Unacceptable. Read the link below. Take action!
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commented 2012-11-07 10:56:58 -0800 · Flag
Hello 37s. A few brief comments follow.

1) IT’S A FIRST STEP. Perhaps more has been accomplished than we think. We are only beginning. We don’t give up quite so easily, do we?

2) BUT ITS ALMOST BRAND NEW! GMOs are a relatively new technology. Many people do not even know they exist! Many of those who do know they exist often have a misplaced trust in the pseudoscience that has created these bizarre products. As I see it, one of our collective tasks is to educate our fellow citizens.

3) THE POWER OF PROPAGANDA. We have seen how quickly and easily the People of California are manipulated against their own interests and the interests of their children. This is a most complex issue and there are many reasons for this extraordinary gullibility, and I can’t presume to be able to analyze the problem in any depth. This I do know, concerned citizens need to learn much more about advertisement; they need to master “positive public relations” in synchronization with education. And we need to always anticipate Monsanto’s NEXT STEP, its next 10 steps, its next 100 steps.

4) CALIFORNIA NEWSPAPERS HAVE FAILED THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA. California’s newspapers overwhelmingly supported Monsanto. Californians, cancel your subscriptions! Newspapers waste your money, they waste paper, they destroy trees, they create very little more than waste. Your newspaper subscription supports publishers who publish waste, editors who can neither edit nor think clearly, writers who can’t write, and journalists who fail to conduct journalism. Please explored the superb CENSORED series for a shocking eye opener about your media. California State University is truly a world leader here.

Perhaps my words are a bit strong in the above paragraph, and I really am not quite ready to give up on newspapers. But what about COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS ENTIRELY OWNED, LOCALLY OWNED BY THE COMMUNITY, BEHOLDEN TO THE COMMUNITY, SERVING THE COMMUNITY? A radical idea in an age of corporate media subjugation, but it is an old idea that must return renewed.

5) CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITIES AND SCIENTISTS HAVE LARGELY FAILED THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA. California’s economy has been hit hard and education has consequently suffered—perhaps a lot more than we can ever know. And I have about as much faith in the revolving door between academia and corporations such as Monsanto as I do the revolving door between Washington and Monsanto and that is no faith at all. Scientists have grants to write, careers to fulfill, papers to publish, families to feed, they want to survive like anyone else, they are human! But I fear that the system as it now exists is destroying critical inquiry, academic freedom, freedom of speech, and science itself. And it’s not just California!

There is much we are not being told about GMO technology. Patents, innumerable legal tactics and lawsuits, massive smear campaigns, expensive experiments, and much else prevent real science from being carried out. The system as it now exists is completely broken and universities at this point appear to be unwilling or unable to confront corporate corruption—after all, where do they get much of their money!

In the meantime, let us be highly skeptical of claims masquerading as “science” and corporate technicians masquerading as “scientists.” Taking a cue from Spinoza, may I suggest that true scientists may well be as rare as they are precious.
commented 2012-11-07 09:38:36 -0800 · Flag
I hope this website will be recycled so that it will be a resource for those interested in knowing where to purchase and support GMO-Free products. Let your purchasing power be the true vote.
commented 2012-11-07 09:18:38 -0800 · Flag
There was so much community support for 37; maybe we can keep this website going but turn it into a source of information on how to avoid gmos and where to find products that have pledged not to use them. I’m going to start by buying organic corn and soy products whenever possible.
commented 2012-11-07 09:02:01 -0800 · Flag
I’m very upset about this failing, but it seems very suspicious to me, as the margin of failure was so far away from the poll results.
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