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World’s Largest Organization of Food and Nutrition Professionals: No on 37 “Misled” California Voters

For Immediate Release:  October 5, 2012
Contact:  Stacy Malkan, 

No on 37 has been caught making repeated misrepresentations over past week 

Oakland:  The latest in a string of stinging critiques against the “No on Prop. 37” campaign came today in the form of a press release from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the world’s largest organization for food and nutrition professionals), stating that No on 37 “misled” the public in its ballot argument printed in the Secretary of State’s Official California Voter Information Guide.

The release sent out by the Academy earlier today reads in part, “…the California Official Voter Information Guideregarding Proposition 37…inaccurately states that the Academy ‘has concluded that biotech foods are safe. ’"

The statement is false, the release said. “We are concerned that California voters are being misled..." said Academy President Ethan Bergman. "Voters need accurate information in order to make an informed choice."

Read the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Full Statment Here:

Today’s revelation comes on the heels of Sacramento Bee,  San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Chroniclereports pointing out the inaccurcies in No on 37 radio and television ads, and the No On 37 campaign being forced to pull an ad featuring a longtime front man for the tobacco and oil industries for misrepresenting Stanford University.

“The No on 37 Campaign knows that basic facts do not support their argument for denying consumers the right to know what’s in our food , so they are resorting to a $35 million campaign of misrepresentations, misleading statements, and outright lies,” said Stacy Malkan, California Right to Know spokesperson.  “Prop. 37 comes down to a question of who is more credible, the leading health and consumer advocates, faith based groups, working families and millions of everyday Californians -- or the same small group of financially motivated special interests and political operatives who told us Agent Orange, DDT and cigarettes were safe?”

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