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Statement on October 11 Pepperdine Poll

For Immediate Release: October 11, 2012
Contact: Stacy Malkan, 510-542-9224,

Oakland, Oct. 11, 2012 -- Today’s new Pepperdine Poll shows Proposition 37 still leading in the polls but with a significant decline in support after ten days of the chemical companies pounding Californians with lies and deception.

“The companies that told us Agent Orange and DDT are safe are lying again and trying to buy this election by putting the full weight of their propaganda wizardry behind a campaign to confuse and deceive voters,” said Yes on 37 campaign manager Gary Ruskin.

“Ten days of incessant pounding lies have taken their effect, but in the end Californians will not be fooled by these tactics. We're confident that California voters will want to know what's in their food and will vote yes on Proposition 37.”

As proof of the deceptive tactics in play, in just the past week, the anti-consumer No on 37 campaign was accused of misleading voters by Stanford University, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and three major newspapers.

Last Thursday the No on 37 campaign was forced to pull its first ad off the air and re-shoot it after they were caught misrepresenting Stanford University, as the Los Angeles Times reported. Yesterday, the campaign landed in trouble again with Stanford for misrepresenting the university yet again in a mailer that went out to millions of voters.

On Tuesday, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the nation's largest professional association for nutritionists and dieticians, accused the No on 37 campaign of misrepresenting its position and misleading voters  in the official California Voter's Guide that went to 11 million voters.

“We are concerned that California voters are being misled," said Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics President Ethan Bergman in a statement. "Voters need accurate information in order to make an informed choice."

 The anti-Proposition 37 ads that are now blanketing the state have been described as misleading by the San Jose Mercury News, Sacramento Bee, and San Francisco Chronicle.



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Thanks, California Right to Know.

Many might appreciate seeing the various polling figures somewhere quite visible on your website. And perhaps maybe the CRtK could conduct its own statewide Prop. 37 polling. I wonder what regions in California are still “in the dark” on this critical issue?