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New Yes on 37 Ad Highlights Monsanto's “Pesticide Corn” Hitting California Stores

Are your children eating Monsanto's GMO sweet corn? New research links GMO corn to a range of potential health risks, and a new ad released today by the Yes on 37 campaign illustrates that California children may be eating Monsanto's new GMO sweet corn product without their parents knowing it.

This summer, Monsanto began selling its first GMO sweet corn product in grocery stores such as Walmart. The sweet corn is engineered to withstand the weed-killer Roundup and also to contain an insecticide (Bt toxin) within the cells of the corn. 

"This pesticide corn looks like regular corn, but it’s not,” says Susan Lang, a Sacramento mother who organzed a protest at Walmart over the corn. “In light of recent research linking genetically modified corn to potential health risks, I believe I have a right to know if the corn I’m feeding my children has been genetically engineered to contain pesticides. That’s why I support Prop. 37." 

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We have a right to choose for ourselves whether to eat pesticide sweet corn!

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The GMO connection to health problems doesn’t just encompass GE foods but also extends to nutritional supplements. Probably the first case of GE food tampering gone terribly wrong involved the tryptophan disaster of 1989/90, causing many people’s lives. According to the empirical findings (read http://www.supplements-and-health.com/l_tryptophan.html) the prime cause was most probably supplements tainted with GE bacteria.
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Please support OCTOBER 16th 2012 day, return any GMO foods you may have bought at Whole Foods and demand your money back! Whole Foods has sold unlabled GMOs created by Monsanto and they do not support prop 37!