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For Immediate Release:  October 3, 2012
Contact:  Stacy Malkan, 

Oakland:  In a recent review of campaign ads, the Sacramento Bee has determined that radio ads produced by the “No on 37” campaign are misleading.

Specifically, the Bee singled out four claims repeatedly being made by the $35 million “No on 37” campaign that have been proven false.

False Claim 1:  “Prop. 37 bans thousands of common food products.”
Sacbee Fact Check:  “Those foods could still be sold.”

False Claim 2:  “Prop. 37 would cost Californians millions more in bureaucracy.”
Sacbee Fact Check:  “…exaggerates estimates from the non-partisan Legislative Analysts Office.”

False Claim 3:  “(Prop. 37 would) increase food costs by hundreds of dollars per year.
Sacbee Fact Check:  “That was the conclusion of a study paid for by the No on 37 campaign…No independent studies have confirmed those estimates.”

False Claim 4:  Prop. 37 was “written by trial lawyers for trial lawyers.”
SacBee Fact Check:  “There is no evidence the measure was inspired or funded by the Trial Lawyer Lobby.”

Read the Full Report from the Sac Bee Here:

Read the facts about “No on 37’s” Campaign of Deception Here:

In response to the Sac Bee report, California Right to Know Campaign Manager Gary Ruskin issued the following statement:

“The same folks who vouched for the safety of Agent Orange, DDT and cigarettes are again deliberately misleading the public over our right to know what’s in our food.  The SacBee’s analysis is a reminder that while $35 million can buy a hailstorm of deceptive ads, it cannot buy facts.  The fact is that Prop. 37 is a simple measure: it requires companies to label food that has been genetically engineered in a laboratory, in the same way they already label for calorie and nutrition content. Prop. 37 will give consumers the freedom to choose for themselves whether to eat products that a growing body of independent, peer-reviewed research has linked to potential health risks.”   

For more information on Prop. 37, visit

Paid for by Yes on 37 For Your Right to Know if Your Food Has Been Genetically Engineered  Supported by Consumer Advocates Makers of Organic Products and California Farmers, Major funding by Mercola Health Resources LLC and Organic Consumers Fund. 5940 College Ave, Suite F , Oakland, CA 94618, United States


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What is not understood is that there will be no extra costs at all, because food manufacturers will not label their products “contains genetically engineered ingredients” when 53% will reject them. The same will happen as did happen in Europe… GMOs will disappear from foods, no cost, less herbicides, pesticides, less allergies, less organ damage. Seems like a good idea all-round.
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