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Environmental Consequences are Mounting

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Add super worms to the list of environmental problems resulting from agribusiness giant Monsanto's genetically modified laboratory creations. 

The EPA recently announced there is "mounting evidence" that the Monsanto corn genetically modified to control insects is losing its effectiveness.  Western corn rootworms, one of the most destructive pests, have joined other super insects and superweeds that now have a tolerance to the technology that was supposed to keep them away. 

Monsanto's corn and soybean seeds engineered with Bt toxin, a pesticide that breaks open the stomach of certain insects, were engineered to kill the worms. But that is no longer working. Super worms are invading American farms and super weeds have now reportedly spread to more than 20 million acres.

In an effort to fight these super problems, farmers are using more toxic pesticides and herbicides on our food. A chief science consultant at the Organic Center said farmers applied 318 million more pounds of pesticides over the first 13 years of commercial GE crop production (1996-2008), as a direct result of planting genetically engineered seeds. 

What other dangerous consequences can we expect as a result of Monsanto's actions?

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God damn there will ALWAYS BE SOME THAT ARE GENETICALLY RESISTANT! AND THEY WILL LIVE AND MULTIPLY! AND LITTLE CRITTERS LIKE THAT HAVE ALOT OF BABIES, MEANING ALOT OF THEM WILL INHERIT THE RESISTANCE TRAIT AND GIVE RISE TO MORE AND MORE SUPER WORMS! It’s inevitable yall. You can’t try to change Earth from it’s natural state and not expect negative consequences. It’s just a golden rule.
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