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Massive Tumors in Rats Fed Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Corn in First Long Term Study

Now more than ever it's important to join this historic right to know campaign!

By Gary Ruskin -- headline.jpgThe results are in from the first-ever peer-reviewed long-term health study of the most common type of genetically engineered corn – and they are worrying. For two years, researchers fed rats a diet of genetically engineered corn that is common in the US food supply, and found massive mammary tumors, kidney and liver damage, and premature death. The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Read the "Summary of Findings" from the researchers here.

This research adds to the growing body of peer-reviewed research that links genetically engineered foods to allergies, organ toxicity and other illnesses.

These findings underscore the importance of giving California families the right to know whether our food has been genetically engineered in a laboratory.

Proposition 37 – which would label genetically engineered foods in California – is the answer for everyone who wants the right to know what’s in their food.  And it is the best recourse available for those of us who do not wish to be subjects in a giant science experiment conducted by Monsanto and the other pesticide giants that are bankrolling the No on 37 campaign. (Recent contributions have topped $32 million, more than half from Monsanto and the big pesticide companies.)

This is the food fight of our lives. Prop 37 is our best chance to bring fairness and transparency to our food system. Join the Yes on 37 California Right to Know campaign.

Moms Rise Up! Why I Protested GMO Sweet Corn at Walmart in Sacramento

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By Susan Lang

susan.jpgI confess I am a bit of a reluctant activist. As a stay-at-home mother of two young boys, I never saw myself planning rallies at the local Walmart. But I also never intended to feed my kids food grown from seeds that were genetically engineered in a lab to either contain insecticide, or to survive and absorb toxic herbicides.

Like all parents, I want the best for my kids. That's why I have educated myself, and learned firsthand the effects of a healthy diet on my family. Through research, I've come to the conclusion that GMOs don't fit into my idea of a healthy diet. The concerns raised by independent animals studies and the lack of long-term testing for these brand-new foods convinced me that GMOs don't have a place on my dinner table. 

I've tried to avoid GMOs, but it's not easy! I can't always afford organic, and sometimes you just don't know if a food has genetically engineered ingredients, so you guess or make assumptions that may or may not be correct. And then there are the birthday parties, the school functions, the family dinners, holidays and soccer games -- all the times I am not the one feeding my children.

It became clear to me: it’s not enough for just me to be educated about GMOs -- everyone I know, everyone who has children, everyone who eats has a right to know about genetically engineered food. Everyone should have the right to decide if they want to buy GMOs or say, "No thanks."

But the more people I talk to, the more it becomes clear that many people do not know about genetically engineered food at all, or are operating under misconceptions such as, "They label those, don't they?" Or, "All foods are genetically modified, right?" Each time I hear a comment like this, I am more sure than ever that Californians need to know this truth: Everyday they are feeding their children unlabeled genetically engineered food grown from patented seeds that could only be created in a lab.

What better place to bring this issue to voters and shoppers than Walmart? Walmart has just started selling unlabeled Bt sweet corn created in a lab by Monsanto. That means Walmart's corn on the cob has been engineered so that it has insecticide inside of it – not just on it, in it.

Official Yes on 37 Store

Official Yes on 37 Store!

Welcome to the official Proposition 37 store.

The purchase of these products will directly assist California’s movement to label genetically engineered food. California Right To Know is a people's movement, so we’ve made the prices in this store affordable so that you can buy in bulk and share the information with your community.  We are extremely happy to have your support for Prop 37 and look forward to covering California with “Yes on 37,” merchandise!

Enter the store here! 

KPFA Debate Reveals Who's Really Behind No on 37

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Check out this morning's debate on KPFA on the morning show with Brian Edwards-Tiekert. Hear all about who is behind the No on 37 campaign, the arguments they are using to keep consumers in the dark about genetic engineering, and how little sense they make! Yes on 37 California Right to Know media director Stacy Malkan takes on Jamie Johansson representing the No side. Who do you think won this one? We'd love to hear your thoughts! As always, feedback welcome to help us sharpen our game.

Click on download and the debate starts at about the halfway mark.

Up Front - September 7, 2012 at 7:00am

Click to listen (or download)

SJ Mercury: Lead Funder of No on Prop 37 Campaign Promoted GMO Labeling in Europe

For Immediate Release:  September 5, 2012
Contact:  Stacy Malkan, 

OAKLAND: The biggest funder of the campaign against Proposition 37 ran ads supporting labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) in Europe back in the 1990s, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The pro-labeling ads highlight growing credibility problems among opponents of California's food labeling measure. 

The Mercury News reports that St.-Louis-based chemical industry giant Monsanto Company ran newspaper advertisements saying “Food Labelling. It has Monsanto’s Full Backing,” after the European Union approved labels for genetically engineered food back in 1997.  Monsanto has contributed more than $4.2 million to the campaign to defeat California’s Proposition 37, which would be the first law requiring similar labels on genetically engineered food in the United States.  

Nestle: Consumers should decide about genetically modified foods - but not in California!

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nestle_nesquik_visual.jpgIs there no end to the credibility problems of the No on 37 campaign? Yesterday we reported that Monsanto, the largest backer of efforts to defeat California's GMO labeling measure, ran ads in Europe promoting the benefits of GMO labeling. Now here comes a fresh insult to California from the Swiss-based food conglomerate Nestle.

Nestle has donated $1.16 million to oppose GMO labels in California, yet a top Nestle executive just went on record saying that consumers should be the ones to decide about genetically modified foods. "We have a very simple way of looking at GM: listen to what the consumer wants. If they don't want it in products, you don't put it in them," said Hans Jor, corporate head of sustainable agriculture at Nestle, according to Food Production Daily.

Jor also said that genetically modified food is unnecessary to feed the world and the food industry would reap more benefits from using resources more sustainably and employing other techniques.  Nestle should listen to Hans Jor, and to their millions of consumers in California who want to know if their food was genetically engineered in a Monsanto lab.

Vote Yes on 37 for our right to know what's in our food!

Monsanto promotes GMO labeling in Europe; yet spends millions to fight it in California

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potato_ad.pngMonsanto is spending $4.2 million to fight California’s Proposition 37, which would require labeling of genetically engineered foods. Yet the company gave its “full backing” to the same type of labeling in Europe, according to a series of ads first reported by the San Jose Mercury News.

The ads, which ran in London in the late 1990s, highlight Monsanto's credibility problem and reveal that Monsanto agrees with the key arguments that Yes on 37 supporters are using to advocate for GMO labeling here in California – namely, that consumers have a right to know what we’re buying and eating.

“Food labelling. It has Monsanto’s full backing,” begins Monsanto’s potato ad that ran in The Guardian newspaper in 1998 and 1999. “Before you buy a potato or any other food, you may want to know whether it’s the product of biotechnology.”

We agree! The ad continues, Recently you may have noticed a label appearing on some of the food in your supermarket. This is to inform you about the use of biotechnology in food. Monsanto fully supports UK food manufacturers and retailers in their introduction of these labels. We believe you should be aware of all the facts before making a purchase.”

Yes on 37 winning by 40 points in Pepperdine Poll

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New Pepperdine Poll shows Proposition 37 is holding strong at 65% support. Go team!


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Labeling GMOs Makes Sense

PETALUMA 360, Editorial, Aug. 27, 2012

Several years ago, voters in Sonoma County turned thumbs down on a proposal to ban transgenic, or genetically engineered, crops. The poorly worded ballot measure was aimed at preventing the possible contamination of local organic crops while protecting consumers from potential health risks from genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. But voters, unconvinced on the arguments of organic crop contamination or any imminent health threats, were unable to support the measure, which they perceived would harm the county's agricultural industry, particularly dairy farmers.

Since then, legitimate public concerns over the environmental and health impacts of genetically engineered products has grown. Particularly with disturbing news reports about the “pink slime” food additive hidden in ground beef, and BPA (a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic food packaging and water bottles) leaching into food and water, Californians have a right to be concerned about what's in their food.

Big Ag pumps $10 million into anti-GMO-labeling campaign

LOS ANGELES TIMES, by Marc Lifsher, August 13, 2012

la-big-ag-pumps-10-million-into-antigmo-labell-001.jpegSACRAMENTO -- Major bio-tech companies and manufacturers of household food products, including Campbell SoupGeneral Mills and Coca-Cola, have pumped almost $10 million into the campaign to defeat Proposition 37, the November statewide ballot initiative to require labels for genetically engineered crops and processed food products.

The California Secretary of State's office reported that a members of the Coalition Against the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme, sponsored by farmers and food producers, had contributed $9.98 million since the close of the Jan. 1-June 30 reporting period.

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