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Barbara Boxer: Vote yes on Prop. 37 so consumers have the information they need

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, by U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, November 2, 2012

3028_367446826675822_1560139049_n.jpgThis Tuesday, Californians have a chance to vote for the basic principle that consumers have a right to know what is in the food they eat.

By supporting Proposition 37, we can join with the 61 countries throughout the world — from Great Britain to Japan to Australia — that already ensure that genetically engineered foods are properly labeled.

This is not a controversial notion to most consumers. In fact, polls suggest that roughly 90 percent of Americans say they want to know if the foods they feed their families have been genetically modified.

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Scientists For The Win! Transparency, Safety Studies and our Right to Know

Proposition 37 is not a referendum on whether or not genetically engineered foods are safe. It's about our right to know what it’s in our food.

“The question of whether to label genetically engineered (GE) foods, as Proposition 37 would require, is not about science. Prop 37 is about people having the right to know what's in their food and how it was produced. It's about making competition in a free market - the hallmark of capitalism - more transparent," wrote Dr. Belinda Martineau, a molecular geneticist who was principal scientist at Calgene, Inc. when they introduced the first genetically engineered food, the “Flavr Savr” tomato, in 1994. The tomato was labeled and was initially so popular that one store had to limit customers to two tomatoes per day -- proving that transparency can be a good thing all around.

Yet no genetically engineered product has been labeled in the United States since then. And today, Monsanto and the other major pesticide and junk food companies are spending $45 million to defeat a citizen's initiative for our right to labels. Why? It’s pretty simple: They believe their optimal business model depends upon secrecy and a lack of transparency. They don’t want to provide consumers a choice.

Video: Danny DeVito, Bill Maher, Dave Matthews, Kristen Bauer van Straten: The Right to Know About Your Food Would Explode Your Puny Little Head

Our friends at Food and Water Watch have sponsored an entertaining and powerful new Yes on 37 video, featuring Danny DeVito, Bill Maher, Dave Matthews, Jillian Michaels, Kristen Bauer van Straten, Emily Deschanel, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton, John Cho, and KaDee Strickland poking fun at the ludicrous arguments against our right to know what's in our food.

We're excited to have them join millions of Californians in demanding the right to know what's in our food, even if our "puny little heads would explode."

Please enjoy, share and DONATE to help us get the truth out to California voters!


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