What foods are GMO-free? - Yes on Prop 37

What foods are GMO-free?


e following is a list of companies who do not use genetically engineered ingredients in their products:



Alta Dena Organics

Butterworks Farm

Harmony Hills Dairy

Horizon Organic

Kirkland Organic

Lactaid Organic (organic only)

Morningland Dairy

Nancy’s Organic Dairy

Natural by Nature

Noris Organic

Oregon Ice Cream Company

(Alden’s, Julie’s)

Organic Valley Dairy

Pacific Village

Radiance Dairy

Rogue Creamery

Safeway Organic Brand

Seven Stars Farm

Straus Family Creamery

Stremick's Heritage organic

Stonyfield Farm

Trader Joe's (organic line)


Whole Foods organic line

Wisconsin Organics

Woodstock Farms

Alpenrose Dairy

Beecher’s butter

Berkeley Farms

Bravo Farms cheese

Clover Stornetta Farms

Cowgirl creamery


Fred Meyer / Mountain Dairy

Joseph Farms Cheese


Market of Choice

Oregon Gourmet cheese

Rogue Creamery

Rose Valley butter

Sunshine Dairy Foods

Tillamook Cheese

Trader Joe's store brand


Western Family

Wilcox Family Farms

Willamette Valley cheese


Chippewa Valley Cheese

Erivan Dairy Yogurt

Promised Land Dairy

Westby Cooperative Creamery

Blythedale Farm Cheese

Crescent Creamery

Derle Farms (milk with “no rBST” label only)

Erivan Dairy Yogurt

Farmland Dairies

Oakhurst Dairy

Trader Joe's store brand

Wilcox Dairy (rBST-free dairy line only)


Alternative Dairy Products



Imagine Foods/Soy Dream

Nancy’s Cultured Soy

Organic Valley Soy

Pacific Soy


Soy Delicious

Sun Soy

Stonyfield Farm O’Soy


Trader Joe’s brand




Yves The Good Slice

Zen Don



Baby Food and Formula

Baby’s Only (certified organic products)

Earth’s Best

Gerber products


Mom Made Meals

Organic Baby

Plum Organics



Baked Goods

Alvarado Street Bakery

Arrowhead Mills (organic line)

Bakery on Main

Berlin Natural Bakery

Bob’s Red Mill (organic line)

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods

Dr Oetker Organics


French Meadow

Natural Ovens Bakery (organic line)

Nature’s Path

Rudi's Organic Bakery

Rumford Baking Powder

Safeway O brand (organic)

Trader Joe's brand


Cereal and Bars

Ambrosial Granola

Barbara’s (organic line)

Cascadian Farms



Golden Temple

Grandy Oats

Health Valley (organic line)

Lundberg® Purely Organic

Rice Cereal

Nature’s Path


Omega Smart Bars

Peace Cereal Organic


Safeway O brand (organic)

Simple Sweets

Sunridge Farms

Trader Joe's brand

Whole Foods 365





Endangered Species Chocolate

Ghirardelli Chocolate

Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate

Kopali Organics

Lindt Chocolate

Newman’s Own


Woodstock Farms (organic)



Jelly Belly

Pure Fun Confections

Reed’s Crystallized Ginger

candy (certified organic)

St. Claire Organic

Sunridge Farms



Energy Bars

Clif Bar

Divine Foods

Genisoy Bars

GoodOnYa Bar

Lara Bar

Luna Bar


MacroLife Naturals

Mojo (Clif Bar)

Nature’s Path



Organic Food Bar

Optimum Energy Bar

Organic Food Bar


Weil by Nature’s Path Organic

Z Bars (Clif Bar)


Grains and Pasta



Bob's Red Mill, organic line

Casbah (Hain-Celestial)

Dr. McDougall's Right Foods

Eden certified organic grains

Fantastic Foods

Field Day

Ian's Natural Foods


Lotus Foods

Lundberg Family Farms

Organic Planet

Rising Moon

Seeds of Change (organic meals)


Sunridge Farms

Trader Joe's store brand

Vita-Spelt pasta

Whole Foods 365


Juices and Sodas

After the Fall organic juices

Big Island Organics

Blue Sky

Cascadian Farm

Crofters Organic



Quinoa Gold

R.W. Knudsen organic juices and spritzers (Smucker’s)

Santa Cruz Organic (Smucker’s)

Sea20 Organic Energy Drink

Teeccino Herbal Caffe

Walnut Acres Organic Juices



Canned Foods




ShariAnn’s certified organic beans

Trader Joe's store brands

Westbrae certified organic beans

Whole Foods 365

Woodstock Farms

Yves Veggie Cuisine (Hain Celestial)


Soups and Sauces




Emerald Valley Kitchen

Fantastic Foods

Field Day

Green Mountain Gringo


Health Valley / Westbrae

Imagine Natural

Muir Glen Organic

Rising Moon

ShariAnn’s Organics

Seeds of Change

Trader Joe’s store brands

(Trader Joe’s, Trader Jose’s,

Trader Giotto’s)

Walnut Acres

Whole Foods 365


Frozen Foods

A.C. LaRocco

Amy’s Kitchen

Cascadian Farms Organic frozen meals and vegetables


Helen’s Kitchen

Ian’s Natural Foods

Linda McCartney frozen meals

Mom Made Meals

Morningstar Farms (organic line only)

Rising Moon

The Simple Soyman

Trader Joe's store brands

Woodstock Farms


Dressings, Oils and Spreads


Bountiful Bean

Bragg’s liquid amino

Carrington Farms Flax Seed

Crofter's Organic

Drew’s salad dressing


Emerald Cove

Emperor’s Kitchen

Emerald Valley Kitchen

Field Day

Follow Your Heart

Harvest Moon Mushrooms

I.M. Health SoyNut Butters

Ian’s Natural Foods

Krazy Ketchup

Maranatha Nut Butters

Miso Master

Muir Glen organic

tomato ketchup


Newmans Own Organic


The Simple Soyman

Spectrum oils and dressings

SushiSonic Asian Condiments

Trader Joe's store brands

Tropical Traditions

Vegan by Nature Buttery Spreads

Vigoa Cuisine

Whole Foods 365


Woodstock Farms


Cookies, Chips and Snacks

Barbara’s (organic line)

Bearitos/Little Bear Organics

(Hain Celestial)

Earthly Treats



Field Day

FritoLay Lay's Naturals potato chips (“Naturals” potato chips ONLY)

Garden of Eatin’

Grandy Oats

Hain Pure Snax/Hain Pure Foods

Health Valley

Ian's Natural Foods

Kettle Foods

Kopali Organics

Late July Organic Snacks

Mary's Gone Crackers

Namaste Foods

Nature’s Path Organic

Newman’s Own Organics & Newman’s Own (except salad dressing)

Peeled Snacks

Plum Organics Tots

Revolution Foods

Tasty Brand


Simple Sweets

Sunridge Farms

Safeway O organic brand

Trader Joe's store brand

Woodstock Farms (organic)



C&H Pure Cane Sugar

Brer Rabbit molasses


Florida Crystals (organic, natural and demerara)

Grandma's Best Molasses

Sweet Cloud

Tropical Traditions

Trader Joe's brand (Pure cane sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar, organic sugars)

Wholesome Sweetners (organic sugars, molasses, blue agave syrups, Organic Zero)

Woodstock Farms (organic)


Please join our campaign right now to become a part of our grassroots movement. By signing up and taking action, you become the backbone of an entirely different type of statewide campaign – a campaign led by tens of thousands of people like you who just want to know what’s in our food. Vote YES on Prop 37.

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Trisha, I your point is valid but most of us cannot grow our own food from organic heirloom seeds inside a greenhouse! This list was made to encourage others to seek foods that are at least in part less GMO than the average GMO laden food, nothing is 100% in our society with the lies, the cross pollen, etc… but I do feel safer eating foods that have the non GMO Verification Sticker, that organization works pretty hard to verify foods are at the very least come from non gmo seeds and are watered with uncontaminated water and are not processed on the same machines as other GMO foods. Maybe im ignorant, maybe i’m fooling myself but I feel safer eating a food someone tried to test and prove was at least in part GMO free, than a conventional GMO laden food. You can drive yourself crazy with this, or you can do your best to be as GMO free as possible as I do… I am very strict with my diet and still realize some GMO sneaks into my beyond organic lifestyle… Enjoy all and God Bless keep up the good work on this website!
commented 2013-08-22 16:48:32 -0700 · Flag
Trisha has a great point. You really don’t know if they are non GMO or GMO mixed with non GMO. The only way to get non GMO is to grow the product in a green house without any outside air getting into it. The wind and pests can take the seeds from a GMO plant and drop it into the crop of a non GMOs and there would be GMO mixed crops coming out of it. The only way to see if a company actually uses non GMO products is to go to their growers and follow the process all the way through and test all the time to make sure there is only non GMO crops being used in the process from start to finish.
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Thanks for sharing this. I love what you have here. Definitely worth reading. I learned a lot! Thak you so much!. I also would like to share about http://www.epicseo.org/ and I think this will help you too. Try it out!
commented 2013-07-12 09:30:25 -0700 · Flag
How the heck do you know these brands are safe? You don’t. They may be given contaminated water or dirt or be contaminated by the wind blowing seeds onto you fields. You don’t know because the companies that use it don’t want to tell you. They don’t HAVE to tell you and they WON’T tell you. They can even legally LIE to you. There are no laws protecting you from it. Did you spend the money to genetically test their products? Of coarse not. So tell me, how to you make a list like this one? You don’t. What you do is collect donations and say you know these products are safe right? I encourage you all to be careful of who you trust at this time. Btw. If you don’t post my comment I will know you are fraud and I will make sure others know to for there would be no other reason not to post my comment.
commented 2013-07-02 13:46:22 -0700 · Flag
Now, ya’ can’t say “if I knew better, I’d do better”
what you don’t know, can hurt you.
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Awesome! Very thorough list! I found another brand I thought I’d mention, Wai Lana (they make natural cassava chips, fruit & nut bars, and sauces) … saw them at the healthfood store AND at Safeway!
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Thank you, this is so important for those of us that are trying to avoid GMOs, MSG, aspertame and other crap that causes fatal illnesses down the road.
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awesome,Thank You so Much~~~~~
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