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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! GET THE WORD OUT! BOYCOTT. BOYCOTT everything Monsanto produces, NO corn, no soy, no wheat, no papaya, no potatoes, no sugar beets… check the lists and if you need it, ask for help, but get out to your local supermarket, your local home supplier store, City Mill, Home Depot and picket. Ask customers to stop supporting the insidious evil that this company represents. The Supreme Court is not going to help us. We must help ourselves.

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Nothing stopped the Republican Party in 2000 and 2004. I personally believe GWB stole both elections. BUT, that’s the past… Now we figure out what to do next. I wonder how difficult would it be to organize people across the country. Find some environmentally concerned organization/person like Organic Consumers, Mercola, Jim Hightower, etc., to help us get the word out about our earnest wish to keep hacking away at the opposition. If two friends were willing to link up in any city and go out once or twice per month on a Saturday morning to Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc, and carry signs for a couple of hours telling people not to buy Roundup, etc., and why — (and all of the other products these shysters are hocking). And of course, there’s lots of other rendezvous spots and given the gravity of this issue, there should be many more willing pairs of volunteers… What do you think? Any other suggestions? We’re not going to have another voting opportunity, I think, until 2014.

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What Monsanto did to Vietnam: engineer horrifically deformed children in addition to causing massive destruction to the environment, they are now trying to do to us. They must be stopped, at all costs.

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