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Who do you trust about Prop 37: Your Mom, or a guy who thinks nuclear radiation is good for you?

Miller_5.jpgWho are you going to trust about Proposition 37, your family and friends? Or a notorious pesticide-industry front man whose radical ideas defy scientific consensus?

Check out this email sent by the anti-consumer No on 37 campaign:

Patrick –

Who have you spoken to about Prop 37? A friend, a colleague, a family member, perhaps. Have you asked a top scientist in the state what they thought about Prop 37?

We did. We spoke with Dr. Henry I. Miller, the founding director for the FDA Office of Biotechnology. Watch this video and hear what Dr. Miller says about the provisions and exemptions in Prop 37 that make no sense.

The ad was followed by a link to Henry Miller on TV, falsely identified as a doctor at Stanford University (he is actually a researcher at the Hoover Institute). What the ad fails to mention is that a lot of common-sense, obvious things make no sense to Henry Miller -- like the fact that cigarettes are harmful, DDT was banned for a reason, and it is undesirable to be exposed to nuclear radiation after a nuclear power plant meltdown.

BACKGROUND:  The Dubious Credibility of No on 37 Science Spokesperson Henry Miller  

For more information on Yes on 37 California Right to Know campaign, see www.carighttoknow.org.

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