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#YesOn37 Twitter Party, Friday August 10

Join a million more for the right to know what we eat. Sign up to make history today!

One million. That’s the number of Californians who got involved in the effort to get GMO labeling on the November ballot. And it’s going to take millions more people to vote, give, and support the movement till the November election to win. Our basic purpose revolves around freedom and transparency: We have the right to know what's in our food: Label GMOs and give the people a choice.

The CA Right to Know Initiative, or Prop 37 on the California ballot, was created by the people. Several other states have tried and failed, but California is different because of the initiative process. California actually allows its own citizens to create laws. That means if enough people in the state think something is important enough, they can get it on the ballot for a vote with enough signatures.  In November, Californians will vote on a question that affects us all – do we have a right to know what’s in our food?

If you say YES, join us for a Yes on 37 Twitter Party Friday August 10th at 7pm PST to share information about what's in our food, hear the latest news from the Yes on 37 campaign, and help us generate a million more supporters to make history this November. Special guests and awesome giveaways from our great supporters. You won't want to miss it! 

Join us for a Twitter Chat about GMOs in our diet

Who: @CARighttoKnow 

When: Friday, August 10th

Time: 10-11pm EST/7-8pm PDT

Hashtags: #YesOn37  #LabelGMOs #CARightToKnow

Theme: A Million More


1. @Bookieboo– Hostess with the Mostess

2. @CARighttoKnow– Guest of honor

3. @CARighttoKnowPR– Guest of honor

4. @Food_Democracy– Dave Murphy, Panelist

5. @Unhealthytruth– Robyn O’Brien, Panelist

6. @Skinnyjeans–Panelist

7. @HealthyJasmine– Panelist

8. @Jacksht– Comic relief

9. @Fitbottomedgirls– Panelist

10. @LisaJohnson– Panelist

11. @Dietsinreview– Panelist

12. @Greenmom– Panelist

13. @Beanitos– Doug Forman, sponsor

14. @OrganicConsumer– Sponsor

15. @AgainstMonsanto– Sponsor

16. @Hawaiian_Ola– Sponsor

17. @ModifiedbyMusic– Sponsor

18. @Getunreal– Sponsor

19. @Label_GMOs- Pamm Larry, Panelist

20. @StrausOrganic- Sponsor


1. Nature’s Path VIP basket full of all the yummy Nature’s Path product (1 winner)

2. California Right To Know gift basket full of CARightToKnow swag (2 winners)

3. Endorsement VIP basket- product from Beanitos, Unreal Candy, Hawaiian OlaMillions Against Monsanto bumper stickers, Straus Family Creamery free product vouchers.

free product coupons ( 5 winners)

4. Kalso Earth Shoes (1 winner)

5. Choose Ur Freedom T-Shirts (2 winners)

6. Hawaiian OLA VIP gift basket (1 winner)

7. Robyn O’Brien’s The Unhealthy Truth book (6 winners)

8. Organic Consumer T-shirts (2 winners)

9. Musically Modified T-shirts (2 winners)

Visit our Party Hostess to qualify for a giveaway!

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Join the “One Million More” Twitter Party w/ @CARighttoKnow 8/10 at 10pm EST, http://bit.ly/MHquAW #Yeson37 #LabelGMOs

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