ACDSee Canvas Review | Graphics Tool for Professionals

This software is perfect for the professional technical graphics designers and engineers. It has all the tools which are needed for the perfect technical graphics.

Among all the products of ACDSee brand, the ACDSee Canvas is the bestseller product. This software is ranked as the best software for the Technical Graphics.

ACDSee Canvas Review

If you are looking for technical graphics or illustration software then several features you should care before buying any. Otherwise, your product may not make you happy. Now you may think what features you should consider. Actually we can recommend you ACDSee Canvas 15 because it offers all the standard and advanced features. For so many tasks, this product is enough. But for some cases, you may need the GIS module of the graphic software. That is why ACDSee also offers the GIS module of this product. Both the products of this brand have been described here.

acdsee canvas

Why Use This Software

Perfection is the main driving force for the professional technical graphics. ACDSee Canvas has those strong programs which will ensure the perfectness and precision of your drawing. This software is also designed as beautifully that it can work with the vector graphics, CAD files and the drawings with dots; this graphic drawing is also known rafter graphics. For enhancing your working speed ACDsee Canvas provides so many geometrical shapes like circle, triangular, etc. So you don’t have to draw those manually; just select those and use those to your drawings. If necessary, you can change the sizes of those geometrical shapes.

Features of the Application

In you graphic drawing you must place the equipment to the perfect place. A small distortion can be harmful for your project. That is why this software provides the axial lines and positions. You can select the positions for the perfect placement of the objects. Another important thing is you can highlight the different position of your drawing with your own style. You can put different colours, marks and comments to the different parts of your graphic drawing. ACDSee Canvas allows the users, especially the engineers; to use different symbols for different architecture and most importantly, you can add more symbols by which you can express your unique. This exclusive software can also perfectly work with the GIS data.

You don’t have to worry about the standard of your graphics because this software always maintains the industrial standard quality of the technical graphics. You can use this software for creating the flow chart and animations of your total project. It will also help you for the representations of the drawing in different styles.

acdsee canvas review

The Standard Edition

Various features of this product are important. For various illustration works, you may need to use the Raster images as well as vector images. With the help of this product, you can deal with those in the same document. This product can be used for drawing various types of objects. Various shapes have been added to this software. You can change the shape and size of the contents if necessary. After creating any type of shape or object, you can save that in the library. From that library you can reuse that object for other projects. You can categorize the objects into several groups. Vector shapes and texts can also be added. For editing the raster images, various tools are needed. The important thing about the ACDSee Canvas 15 is it will offer you the access all those necessary tools.

For editing the CAD files, this solution is very effective. Various types of flowcharts are needed for the business and presentation works. These charts can be created by this software. Various tools for enhancing the shapes and dimensions have been included in this illustration kit. To enjoy this beautiful product, you have to buy it with $599. ACDSee provides the Canvas X Pro 16 which is the equally standard illustration software but it is for 64bit machine. Its price is also the same.

With GIS Module

You can work with the GIS data with the help of the ACDSee Canvas 15 and the GIS module on it. This module can deal with various file formats of the GIS data. You can work with the shapefiles by handling the SHP file formats. It also supports other file formats like the TIFF, SID, and GPS Garmin etc. It also has a very advanced GIS manager. For working with the angular units, axis orientation and various types of projections this manager is effective. You will be able to deal with the GIS Positioning very easily by using this module. It is very important to monitor the object properties. This module will let you monitor and edit those very easily. According to January 29, 2015, the price of ACDSee Canvas 15 + GIS Module is 799 USD.