Antamedia Internet Cafe Software Review : Control and Secure Internet

In these modern days the presence of our life without the computer system can’t be imagined. It has become an essential part to maintain the daily activities. It has been accelerated by the presence of the internet system.

For controlling the internet using system, there are various platforms available. In various cases, we have to manage the usage system of the internet policy like office section, internet café. To control all these activities, Antamedia Internet Cafe Software is one of the best programs. It offers many types of functions in the using system of platforms. It is used in the public computers, gaming section, internet café and the related sections. Here, the using system, billing method, calling procedure are also maintained. By using this program you can easily control all these activities.

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Antamedia Internet Cafe Software

In every section of our life, we are greatly blessed with the modern science. It offers a lot of efficient functions almost in all platforms. We can’t ignore the facilities of computer system with the internet services. To provide the internet services there is a wide range of internet cafe around the whole world. But in every internet café, you need to ensure a management system for assuring the sequential internet services. In this system, many software programs have been built up. Among of them, Antamedia Internet Cafe Software is considered as one of the efficient one having the user friendly facilities.

The Main Functionalities

The flexible installation process is one of the fastest facilities of this program. Users can easily use this in the Windows PC. Because of having user guidance, any user can easily control the number of clients from the control panel of the host PC. It offers multiple product key for using the facilities of this program in various PC with a single license. So, any person can simply command over multiple PC from any place.

You can configure this software in any Windows OS. This is mainly designed for Windows 7. But you can complete the installation process in the latest version of Windows OS. Besides, in some old version of Windows OS, it is applicable. For every single license, it offers a server computer and a wide range of client computers. The server PC mainly acts as the controller. From this PC, you can control the system bandwidth, downloading facilities with systematic browsing set up the system. This software offers more than a single plan. Due to the features under each plan, you can increase the number of client computers.

Features of Antamedia Internet Cafe Software

For managing the client’s PC, it offers the account creation system. From this section, you can add multiple accounts to the password system. Then the data using format, bandwidth limitation, downloading speed, uploading speed can be controlled by the authorized user. Besides, the database access method can also define for the clients. Due to having this function, the clients can access any specific portion of the database center or not. Besides, the windows section and the specific site can also define here. Here, the using policy is maintained with the flexible settings option. From this option the using time can manage. This proves that, any user can use a fixed amount of time, according to the defining time of the host PC.

antamedia internet cafe review

For assuring the payment procedure, it offers a lot of procedures. According to the using time, you will ask to assure the payment system through various systems. You can use PayPal, master card, Debit card or other flexible platforms. The wireless based clients can also manage under this system. For maintaining the monitoring system, it offers a unique tool. Because of this tool, the users can follow the using time and the other activities with the graphical format. Besides, the performance of the networking system can also able to maintain under this.

Advantages and Benefits

You can control the price limit depending on various conditions. For every client computer, you can control the pricing system through minute system. Besides, you can decrease the amount of money while long time using. To control the timing system, you can apply scheduling process. Moreover, the prepaid pricing system can also apply by issuing a special voucher. In that voucher, the available time, price limit can be specified. For the fixed clients, you can create any specific id. From those ids, you have the opportunity to manage the time limit, bandwidth using system and also other opportunities. To accept the payment system, this software allows the credit card method or the PayPal system.

This software is able to control the Wi-Fi system for the flexibility of the using process. It allows a bandwidth limit controller. Through this facility, you can fix out any specific internet bandwidth for any client. Due to this system, the downloading facilities differ from the general clients from the VIP clients. Internet café also allows the facility to connect the available businesses through the same database center. That’s why all the essential information like account system, the voucher allotment facility can control. Besides, you can also manage the IP addresses so that others can’t access from your license id.