Atomic Email Tracker Review, Web Based Software to Track Email

This is one of the best products of the Atomic Brand because it offers so many features that can attract you if you run email campaign. For the best result of the campaign you can use this tool.

It will show you the responses of the subscribers about your campaign.

Atomic Email Tracker Review

If you need to collect all the email addresses, which you didn’t use before, from the CD or DVDs then you must need this exclusive product of Atomic Brand named CD Email Extractor. By using this software you will be able to establish full control of this difficult process.

atomic email tracker

Why To Use

The most important thing about this tool is it can handle by anyone and very easily. This is one of the features which make this Email tracker different from the similar type of tool of other brands. After sending the email you can observe the activities of your subscriber to your email. It will monitor and memorize the mail is sent to how many subscribers, when the mail is sent, the percentage of the receivers who have read the mail, the mail is read by which receivers at which time.

If you share any link, then Atomic Email Tracker will keep the record of any activities of the subscribers like who has visited the link, who has spent more time on the website the link of which is shared, how many times the link in being clicked etc. After recording all the information it will show you the final result of your campaign. If you want, then it will provide the result of its operation after every specific period. You can save the record as any type of document files.

Special Features

After getting the effectiveness of an email campaign, it can be essential to compare the result with the other campaign. This exclusive product of the Atomic brand will also help you to do so. It will compare those based on every major point and then show you the comparison graph. As it provides you the graphical chart, so it is helpful for you to understand in which field you have to improve. This product of the Atomic brand will also show you the effectiveness of your campaign for your own country and each of the other countries.

atomic email tracker review

The first thing is the process of extracting the email addresses from the CD or DVDs by using this software is very easy. You just have to enter the CD/DVD to your computer and start the program. Then this software will collect all the addresses that are saved in that CD/DVD. While collecting the email addresses then this software will follow two ways of filtering the files. In the first process you can give command to this software to find out the addresses from specific type of files. On the other hand, in the second process, you can give instruction to filter all files for addresses without some specific files.

Advantages and Benefits

This software has the ability to find out the email addresses which have never used for your same work from all the addresses. It will find from the CD/DVDs or files. This CD Email Extractor will help you to arrange and rearrange the mail list very easily. You can sort the mail addresses by any point and remove any number of mail addresses from your list. The deleting process is customizable; that means you can delete the email addresses from the list on the basis of the same type of email accounts or same names.

It will show you complete report about the work. In this report, we will be able to see all the email addresses in one column which can be edited easily and in the other column you will be able to see the file names and types, from which it provides the email addresses, with all the details. It can export all the email addresses to the Microsoft Excel or the pages of other product of Atomic brand.