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The CARightToKnow contact form is available for any query or suggestion you may have.

Also if you are a returned customer and have any question, please comment through below.

Any type of cashback request can also be sent to the same providing the details.

Some common questions which are answered below:

I haven’t received my product: Please make sure to check your email. In addition, please check in your spam folder as well. If you still haven’t received the download details, contact with the sellers/developers directly.

How can I receive my cashback: The procedure is mentioned in the specific product page. Please see the details in the image. We typically send the cashback within 24 hours including weekend and holidays.

How can I get refund: Please contact with the product developer directly regarding any type of refund. They should help you in this regard if they are offering any type of refund. Normally many merchants offer a certain time period for money back guarantee. Please see their product details for further information.