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ActiveTrail Review

ActiveTrail of the Review

In the ecommerce section, the email marketing activities is a crying need. To maintain all the needed tasks in the email marketing solution, a lot of software programs are available. To manage all the email marketing activities, we need to rely on ActiveTrail. This email marketing solution affords the way to manage the mobile responsive format with the flexible newsletter templates. Accordingly, please get the powerful email marketing automation tool with review and have the ActiveTrail.

The Main tasks offered by this solution

ActiveTrail email marketing solution ensures the needed activities for all the email marketing needs. A lot of subscribers may need to read out the emails from the mobile phone devices. To enable this system, the responsive format is a crying condition and this format can be assured through this solution. It offers the professional level signup forms from the corresponding website. The advanced level landing page building option is available under this solution. Then, the users will get the term of an automatic SMS sending option with the user friendly method. At the last level, the reporting system is also assured here by the systematic way.


The active features offered by ActiveTrail

Landing Page building: The landing page building solution under this program is one of the best in this category. Due to the support of this, the users can easily build up and design the landing pages. The available landing pages will be seen as a great one almost from all the devices.

SMS sending: The SMS sending option to multiple recipients can be organized through this solution in an effective manner. It offers a lot of packages by which the task of automatic SMS sending task can be managed.

Viewing Permissions: While sharing any specific data with the third party or the employees, it affords the permission system. Under this condition, that third party will be able to access into the data with the defined conditions.

Monitoring and reporting system: The active monitoring and reporting system is also assured through this solution. To enable this, all the supportive tasks are provided here with the user’s choice.

Security system: In maintaining the security system this email marketing platform is very effective. It affords the needed tools to check out the activities of the available templates and the functions. Due to this procedure, no harmful object will be able to destroy the email messages.

The Pricing condition under ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail offers various packages. By providing $15, you can use maximum 500 contacts. Through $20, 501-1,000 contacts can be used. With the price of $29, 1,001-2,500 contacts can be afforded. 2,500-5,000 contacts can be managed by providing $49. In fact; all these packages under ActiveTrail offer the unlimited email sending system and the conditions.

Therefore, kindly get nicely with the ActiveTrail review. Purchase powerful email marketing automation tool with the pricing.