Advanced OPC Data Logger Discount, Get Nice Coupon

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Advanced OPC Data Logger Discount

In different kinds of control system, OPC is a very commonly used platform. OPC server is capable of converting the hardware communication protocol into the OPC protocol. Advanced OPC Data Logger can interact with this server and log various data from that.

Advanced OPC Data Logger Review

The AGG Software Company does not provide so many kinds of products. It provides a few products. But, each of these products is very much effective. Advanced OPC Data Logger is one of the best products of this company. Sometimes, you may need to grab different types of data from an OPC server. There are a few other tools, which can perform the same task. Compared to those other tools, this product of AGG Software offers more powerful and necessary features. So, please get the powerful OPC windows server software with discount and take the Advanced OPC Data Logger coupon.

Fast and Effective

I have already said that there are some other OPC Server logger tools. The most of these tools can deal with only one server at a time. But, Advanced OPC Data Logger is capable of dealing with multiple servers at a time. That does not mean that all these servers must have the same export setting and connection. Each of these servers may have different settings than that of others. As Advanced OPC Data Logger handles multiple threads at a time, it is faster and more optimized. This software supports different types of interfaces too. Some of these interfaces are DA1, DA2, UA-DA, and other OPC interfaces. It does not require any manual process to import different tags. Rather, it can perform this task automatically. This software supports all kinds of OPC tags.

Advanced OPC Data Logger Discount and Pricing

Different types of pricing plans is another great advantage of Advanced OPC Data Logger. The Lite Edition of this software supports unlimited OPC server within a single configuration. To purchase this one, only $230 should be paid without the discount. Its Standard License supports 2 different configurations. This tool will cost you only $299 as per this post creating time. Similarly, the Professional Edition supports 3 configurations. To get this one, you have to pay only 349 USD. Advanced OPC Data Logger Enterprise Edition can be purchased by paying only 399 USD. This one will let you deal with unlimited configuration for unlimited servers.

Efficient Recovery

Sometimes, there can be a broken connection with any server. You don’t have to reconnect that manually, because this software is capable of restoring such a connection automatically. It has a very effective program window. In this window, all kinds of received data will be shown. Advanced OPC Data Logger offers different types of data filters. By using these filters, you will be able to aggregate and format all the imported data. There is no need to know any kind of programming languages to configure this software.

Therefore, please buy with Advanced OPC Data Logger discount. Purchase the powerful OPC windows server software with coupon.