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Advanced PBX Data Logger Discount

A Private Branch Exchange is known as a PBX. Such an exchange can be used in a private enterprise. Sometimes, it can be necessary to capture different types of phone calls in a PBX to offer some additional features. In these cases, Advanced PBX Data Logger can be used.

Advanced PBX Data Logger Review

In a private enterprise, different types of PBX are used. These exchanges are required to connect the shared and dedicated lines of an enterprise with the public exchanges. Sometimes, it can be very important to export various types of data from these exchanges. This task cannot be done efficiently without taking help from a professional tool. In such a case, Advanced PBX Data Logger can be used. This is a powerful and popular product of the AGG Software Company. So, please avail the powerful AGG software with discount and purchase the Advanced PBX Data Logger coupon.

A Universal Solution

We know that there are more than 200 models of the PBX. And, there are so many vendors too. Advanced PBX Data Logger is capable of working with all these models and vendors. This software will allow you to create various custom configurations. That is why, you will be able to get something new. Like other logger tools of the same brand, this one can deal with multiple PBX at a time. And, it can collect the data from different sources too. Some of these data sources are USD, Ethernet, and RS232, etc. Similarly, Advanced PBX Data Logger can deal with both the CDR and CMDR data.

Very Easy Exporting

You don’t have to purchase any new tool to export the data. Rather, this software will allow you to do so to any MS Excel file. It supports different types of databases too. Some of these databases are MySQL, dBase, MS Access, and MSSQL. Various kinds of plug-ins can be added to this software. Sometimes, it can be necessary to filter, aggregate, and format various data. To handle such a situation, Advanced PBX Data Logger has so many data filters. It has a real time data exporting facility. That is why, there is no need to wait for several minutes to have your data.

Advanced PBX Data Logger Discount and Pricing

The AGG Software Company provides multiple licenses for a single product. Advanced PBX Data Logger has multiple editions too. The Standard Edition of this product comes with all the basic features and facilities. To buy this edition, you have to pay only 85 USD without the discount. Compared to this one, the Professional License is more powerful. It comes with various types of data export and event plugins. As of 9 April 2018, only 145 USD should be paid to purchase this one. Advanced PBX Data Logger Enterprise License is another affordable edition. It can be bought by paying only 280 USD. Various types of advanced data filter plugins are added to this powerful edition.

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