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Affiliate Rex Discount

Review of Affiliate Rex

Various range of problems arises every day, and one of them is getting denied and blocked out of affiliate approvals. No affiliate approval means crucial income sources are put to a halt, which makes it harder to work online. Hence, Affiliate Rex is founded by Tony Marriott, and he has been an online worker for seven years. Being a full-time online worker, Tony Marriott has delivered Affiliate Rex as an automated software to enhance efficiency. Getting approval is a lengthy process and it’s very demanding of high effort and work time. For this reason, to overcome the work and time constraint, the system is automated and made complication-free. So, please purchase the web based affiliate solution with discount and avail the Affiliate Rex coupon.

System Walkthrough

Affiliate Rex’s first walk-through video showcases the main page and its functionalities in a detailed format. The first thing that users will be directed to when they’ll log into their account is the Management Center. Inside the management center page, ten proven products are selectable under the ‘message’ option. The founder tried all these products and many more before narrowing down it to most effective ones. After selecting desired product, users can create their campaign by clicking the Create Campaign button. Users can also create the links for affiliate products and for lead magnet where auto-generated links will be provided. Before adding the approved links for marketing, users can learn about their product through product details option.

Affiliate Rex

Traffic Statistics Page

Affiliate Rex’s Traffic Statistics page has various options and various graphical representation of the traffic data. There are numerous factors that may generate a huge spike in traffic, and these factors are product, campaigns, leads etc. Campaign Traffic option will view every traffic history detail in the form of a pie chart. There will be four pie charts displayed and are separated as unique sales, unique leads, sales hits, and leads hits. If pie chart is not preferred by users, the statistics visuals are changeable to bar graph. The bar graph will show all four separate detailed report, but in a sequential order with numbers and titles. Sales details section contain list of Link, Product Name, Item ID, and Receipt ID, and it’s listed in a table.

Affiliate Rex Discount and Price Plans

Affiliate Rex is $47 without the discount, and has a bonus for affiliate product promotions and methodical traffic generation training. Affiliate Rex is situated online and all services are web based, which means a computer and internet connection are enough. The links, products, and sales are pre-approved, and building lists are handled by the software through auto-process. Also, the products in the software has its own ad banners for campaigns, and email swipes for promotion.

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