AgileBits Pricing, Have Exclusive Password Remembers Tool Review

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Review of the AgileBits

The security of our digital life strongly depends on the passwords. We use those passwords for getting access to several personal accounts. But the thing is, those passwords can be forgotten anytime. And more dangerous things can happen when those will be accessed by the hackers. So it is very important to save the passwords to save the digital life. To do so, you can use the products of AgileBits. This company provides 1Password which has personal, family and team licenses. In such way, purchase the best password manager tool with pricing and have the AgileBits.

Very Impressive 1Password

This is the award winning product of the AgileBits. This easy to use but powerful solution can make the digital life completely secured. This tool actually can remember the passwords of various type online accounts. Normally you may forget the routing number of the bank accounts. The email passwords cannot be remembered all the times. We actually login to email accounts once and the passwords are remembered by the browsers. And after logging out once, we cannot remember the passwords. The 1Password will do this task for you. Even it can store the passwords of the security alarm on the house you live. This product will store all those important data by one master code. That code should be remembered by you to unlock this product to access all the data. You can also use your fingerprint to unlock this. 1Password can easily be integrated with the web and the necessary apps. So you don’t have to write the passwords and usernames all the times.


License for the Teams

AgileBits provides the team license of the 1Password for the teams of any size. This tool will help you to control over the security of the team information. Without the permission, no one will be able to access the important information. From the admin console, you can easily control which member can access which information. It is not secured to send personal passwords and codes via emails. That is why, this product of AgileBits will offer the secured environment to share the passwords among the team members.

Completely Reasonable Pricing

Actually features and pricing are the reason why the products of AgileBits are so popular. Pricing of both the personal and team licenses of 1Password is very impressive. You can purchase the 1Password for your own or for your family. The Single License of this product can be enjoyed by paying $64.99 as per 30 May 2016.  This is the one-time fee of this product. The Family License of this tool can be used by 5 person maximum. And the monthly cost of this license will be $5 per month. So this one can be considered as more cost effective. There are two options for the team licenses of this AgileBits. The Standard license cost is 3.99 USD per month for each user. And The Pro License will cost you 11.99 USD for each user per month. This one has come with more advanced features and customization facilities.

Hence, please get nicely with the AgileBits pricing. Make purchase of best password manager tool with the review.