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AmzPing Discount

Review of AmzPing

The core mechanics of AmzPing is: helping users to know their profit status, and tracking users’ sales. AmzPing’s system is reliable as all information for sales growth, inventory report, stock levels etc. are displayed on one page. Users are free to sign up for this software, since, signing up doesn’t require users’ credit card info. Firstly, upon visiting this application’s website, users will get greeted with a chat bot where a staff will provide assistance. The FAQ section is neatly organized, and are arranged according to popular questions asked. A demo of the software’s astounding view from the desktop, and also from mobile app is provided for visitor’s pleasure. To go international, the system supports and works within eleven global countries including Japan, India, and Mexico etc. So, please purchase the amazon sales tracking software with discount and take the AmzPing coupon.

Profit Tracking

AmzPing’s profit tracker is an automated system that allows users to abandon any manual profit calculation. The items are shown in a list-view, and beside them, the total sold units and refunds are visible. In the next two columns, the overall revenue earned from each item and the profits are displayed. For extra details regarding the calculations, there’s a detail icon implemented which, when clicked shows all expense calculations. Opening the sales page on different tab is good enough as instant notification alert will notify users for new sales. In order to confirm that the user never misses out any sales, a customized sound notification is added. Unique widgets like missed sales’ counter, predictions for future payments, and highest daily profits are available too.


Inventory Report, and Learning Resources

AmzPing has an inventory page where all item units across all eleven nations are displayed. There’s a sales rate, and a supply calculator provided in which the time for stock to run out are predicted. The supply calculator makes these predictions based on the selling rates of each item. A filter for viewing specific country’s stock is given for easier inventory management, and a better stock overview. When dealing with Amazon, different users will have different necessities, hence, a selection of two hundred seller tools are provided. Tools for finding new products are delivered for free, and some of these tools are CamelCamelCamel, and Unicorn Smasher. Lastly, there’re also tools for importing products from China, and tracking user’s rank on Amazon.

AmzPing Discount and Price Plans

AmzPing’s plans follow the system of monthly payments, and all the plans have a cashless trial available. The Novice package is $20, and grants minimum of one and maximum two hundred fifty orders every month. AmzPing’s The Intermediate is $45, and The Master, and Ballin’ Outta Control plan is $90 and $250. The latter three plans allow a maximum of one thousand, five thousand, and limitless orders respectively without the discount.

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