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BinPress Review

Binpress and its summery

To sell the digital products through the online system, we need to establish a reliable platform which can manage the proper placement of the products and the active payment procedure. Enable these mandatory activities, Binpress is considered as a trusted one platform to the users. To sell the products according to the condition of online system, it assures all the supportive functions and facilities. By depending on this, you can easily place the needed software, drivers, designing templates, games and other products in your site. Besides, the proper balance of the site can be obtained through this solution. Hence, buy the responsive online based eCommerce solution with review and get the BinPress.

Main activities offered by this solution

Binpress ensures the way to open up the online based store in a short time. It will take maximum 5 minutes to publish the needed products to the site. After that, the selling process can be accelerated. In the publishing method of the corresponding product, it uses some sequential steps where the products will be previewed in front of the audience in the selling process. To start up the activities, you can just put up the email address. After that, the store creation method will be offered. This takes some few steps to enable the online based store creating process.


The active features issued by Binpress

Showcase section: For previewing the needed product in the showcase section, you will get two categories. The first category is valid for displaying the single product. The second category is available for multi-product. In the single product display section, the visitors will get only a single product after arriving at the store. It assures the needed condition to build up the needed brand of that specific product. For multi-product sector, the brand for the company and the choice of the customers are fulfilled with needed conditions.

Flexible editing format: Binpress offers the flexible editing format with the controlling activities. The users don’t need to apply the programming knowledge or the skills to control the product on the site. You will be able to add, remove or customize the available content blocks like gallery section, product list and other sectors. Besides, the media files like image file, video section can also be added in a simple manner.

Additional features: Binpress offers some flexible templates for previewing the digital products. Here, multiple themes are provided with various conditions. From this, you can simply highlight the needed product and assure the company branding. Moreover, the user friendly payment system can also be integrated with this.

Pricing Condition under Binpress

It offers two sectors. The first one is valid for the Own store section and the later one is available to the Binpress Marketplace. The first package offers a 5 % commission, whereas The Binpress Marketplace issues 30% commission.

Finally, please get nicely with the BinPress review. Pick responsive online based eCommerce solution with the pricing.