Buddy Check Discount: Avail Nice Coupon and Pricing

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Buddy Check Discount

We want to have a big number of friends on the Facebook. In a friend list, there can be so many inactive friends too. It is very tough to find out these friends. Buddy Check can do this task very efficiently. In short, this solution is capable of keeping an interactive Facebook friend list.

Buddy Check Review and Features

Several years later, only the websites were used for an online marketing campaign. But nowadays, most of the marketers use various social networks too. Facebook is still the most popular social network. Each marketer should have a very big Facebook friend list. There are so many active people in a friend list. There can be some un-engaged accounts too. These inactive accounts are not profitable at all for any campaign. That is why, you have to find out and remove these accounts. Buddy Check is an amazing tool to do this task. Avail the amazing BC tool features with our coupon. Grab the Buddy Check discount today. The main features and facilities of this solution are as follows:

Remove Inactive Friends

We know that there are many software and tools for the Windows Platform. A few Mac OS tools are also there. But, Buddy Check does not have different licenses for these platforms. Actually, this software is a web based solution. A computer of any type and an internet connection is enough to access this solution. It has a very impressive user interface. In this interface, it shows each and every less engaged friend. At the same time, Buddy Check can also show some demographic data regarding each of these friends. That is why, you will be able to identify every unnecessary friend. A one-click friend removal system is another good feature of it.

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Various Filters

I mentioned that this software can remove the less engaged friends. It also has some other filtering options. For example, it can remove the friends, who do not have any profile picture. Suppose, you have a business of men’s apparels. In such a case, you can filter your friend list according to gender. Similarly, Buddy Check can also filter a friend list in terms of age and the number of mutual friends.

Buddy Check Discount, Plans and Pricing

There is nothing to worry about the price of Buddy Check. This software has two different pricing plans. Its monthly license is available for only 39 USD per month without the discount. This one is capable of dealing with maximum 5 thousand Facebook friends. But, my suggestion is to depend on the One Time Payment License of this software. As per 10 June 2018, this license is available for only 47 USD. It has every feature of the previous license. Along with those, it will allow you to access some FB expert interviews. Both licenses of Buddy Check have an over the shoulder training facility. An unlimited friend growth tool is also added to these licenses.

So, avail the fantastic BC with our coupon. The Buddy Check discount will hopefully satisfy you.