CBPress Review and Receive Excellent Pricing in 2019

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Features and Review of CBPress

ClickBank is very popular online marketplace which is used by a huge number of affiliate marketers. Digital content creators or the vendors can create very easy communication with the marketers by using this platform. You can also integrate this marketplace with your WordPress websites. To do so, you don’t have to face so much difficulties. The CBPress is there to help you. This tool is easier to use WordPress plugin which can integrate the full marketplace to the websites. Among so many impressive features, I have discussed the main points in this review. From here, purchase the customizable marketplace plugin with review and avail the CBPress.

Efficient Administrative Tools

The CBPress will provide you all the necessary administrative tools. That is why, you will be able to work with comfort. Depending on the product data, you may need to create the posts. One of the included administrative tools will help you to do so. Very powerful search tool is also added to this plugin. You will be able to handle all the imported products very easily. And those products can be categorized into several classes also. CBPress admin panel is very much friendly. For visiting the websites of the products, you don’t have to leave the admin panel. Most important thing is, this WordPress plugin will allow you to add the non-ClickBank products in the categories.


Multiple Pricing Plans

For enjoying the CBPress, you can get any of the two available plans. One of those plans will only let you add this plugin. The cost to you will be only $47 as per the date of writing this post. You can pay this price to use this plugin for unlimited number of sites. Now many people love to use the CBEngine. This tool can provide the suggestion for best products. So you can think about this one. And more importantly, you can get this with the CBPress. In that case, the price will be only $57. You will be amazed to know that, with this plan, Pro License of the CBEngine is offered. And you can use this for a lifetime. That means, clearly this license is more feature rich and more cost effective than the other one.

Some Other Features

Actually the CBPress is full of important features. Custom product management is one of the necessary features of this plugin. You can easily add and turn off some of the products depending on the benefit you get. And similarly, you can add and remove the product categories and their sub-categories very easily. You can include some of the items from the long list of products in the posts to the blogs. CBPress has very efficient click tracking facility. For this feature, you will be able to know the number of clicks on the products you will add to your site. This plugin can handle unlimited sites and unlimited ClickBank products.

Therefore, please purchase nicely with the CBPress review. Pick customizable marketplace plugin with the pricing.