CCBoot Pricing: Get Brilliant Review and Purchase

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CCBoot – Amazing Diskless Boot Solution

There are various advantages of diskless boot solution. But before choosing any one for your internet cafe or educational organization, you have to consider the features of that. This type product is highly useful for enterprises or offices. Perhaps CCBoot is one of the most reliable systems among all available products. In this post I have discussed the features and pricing plans of this amazing boot system. From this discussion, you can get an idea about this this product is reliable and affordable. Let’s check the discussion. Please buy the iSCSI boot & PXE boot software with pricing and avail the CCBoot.

Update & Security Features

After purchasing the CCBoot, the admin doesn’t have to update all the PCs manually. Just by one click, all the devices can be updated with ease. The rebooting system of this product is very much impressive. It not only reboots the system, but also make that free of the viruses and threats. That means after rebooting, the devices will be completely fresh. Even the Trojans will also be eliminated. In the client computers, you don’t have to use the hard disks if you have the CCBoot. That means, it will save much of money of yours.

Comfortable Pricing Options

According to the number of the client computer, you have to decide which one of three plans to choose. Suppose the number of computers is in the range 10-25. In that case, the Starter Plan of CCBoot is suitable. This plan requires 2.3 USD for each of the computers. If the number of PCs exceeds 25 then the Basic Plan can be purchased. This one is for maximum 60 PCs. The price per computer for this plan is only $2.00. And there is the Pro Plan which is for more or than 60 PCs. To enjoy this plan, necessary cost for one PC is only $1.7 as per the date of writing this post. All these amounts mentioned here are the monthly price for each PC. Actually CCBoot pricing can be considered as very cheap.

Exclusive Multi OS Boot

One of the biggest advantages of this product is it supports the multiple OS boot systems. That means it can offer multiple operating systems to the client computers. So the user can boot the device using various OS they like. Optional graphic boot systems will also be offered by this product. All the users may not like the same graphic boot menu. You will have to power to set the suitable options for the users. CCBoot provides the personal disk facility. This disk has the capability to store all the client data perfectly. The clients won’t lose their data after rebooting the devices. There are some diskless boot systems which cannot work with multiple LANs. But the CCBoot is can work with dual LANs at the same time. The important thing is, it can be used on the virtual LANs or VLANs also.

Therefore, please get nicely with the CCBoot pricing and pick iSCSI boot & PXE boot software with the review.