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Chrometa Pricing

It says that, time and tide wait for none. Chrometa is absolutely time tracking product. If you would like to make yourself as a successful man then you can try this magical product. Let’s go to know- What is Chrometa and how does it work?

Short Review of Chrometa

Actually, the magic of Chrometa is a time tracking product that runs in the background on your PC or Mac, to make note of your presence of activities. This App is well decorated for professional firms and account firms also. It can able to use positive timekeeping as very own personal timekeeper. Initially, it is designed with automatic time track of your activities, where there is no need to input anything. This magical App can perform by recording all the activities that actually happen in a desktop or a smart device. Hence, please buy the powerful issue tracker & time tracking software with pricing and get the Chrometa.

Features and facilities

The Chrometa is based on for making timesheet so that you can access this one in the workplace. It offers an automatic notification system so you may get concern about your activities. The main features of Chrometa are- charting, commenting, invoice, monitoring, estimating, project planning, project tracking, task tracking, portfolio management, etc. Definitely this is a very necessary application that is actually needed of daily activities. You just have to turn on this passive time tracker on your smart device when you are at work.


Main Objects

This damn solid product is really good for attorneys, consultants and freelancers. After getting Chrometa, now you can access Automatic time capture, Time per project reporting and Offline time tracking. Most important time summary screen will offer a look at all the unbilled time. This is pre categorized with some programs. So you can access some specific work like- MS Word or Excel, Google Chrome and so on. Would like to apply them? Well, you just have to click on that specific term. Also, you can move the certain task to a personal folder as you want.

Pricing and plans

Well, there three types of Individual package available and all plans are month to month with money back guarantees. Here the first plan is Startup. If you want to have this one, you have to pay only $12 per month. This one is 1 time Tracker and 1 PC integration also. The second one is most popular called Basic. For this one, you have to pay only $19 per month with 2 time trackers also. And the final one is a plus. If you want to get this one, you have to pay only $29 per month with 4time trackers also. For the package Basic and Plus, those are 1PC, 1Smartphone integrated. All these above packages export Emails and phone supported forthwith live chat support 6 days per week and a free 30 day trial.

Finally, please purchase nicely with the Chrometa pricing. Gain powerful issue tracker & time tracking software with the review.