ClickMagick Discount: Avail Magnificent Coupon On Price and Review

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ClickMagick Discount

Review of ClickMagick

ClickMagick enables users to remove unnecessary obstacles like broken links and more by consistently tracking online marketing activities. ClickMagick has a tracking guide which is a total one hour tutorial that are divided into six parts. Part one, and two of tutorials explains about tracking secrets, and discusses the three essential things to do while tracking. Part three, and four dives into more practical matters and shows the tracking basics for conversion and gaining competitive advantages. Finally, part five, and six talks about the benefits of testing along with optimizing and preventing bots from inflating click rates. There are also eight separate videos with demos that showcases each of the functions use, and ways to implement it. So, buy the next generation click tracking software with discount and avail the ClickMagick coupon.

Split-Test, and Countdowns

With changes in time, it‘s hard to figure out the best methods, and unknowingly applying a plan can be disastrous. By removing unpredictability to stabilize such situations¸ ClickMagick delivers Split-Test to bring forth the most profitable result. With split-testing multiple methods can be tested while the software’s algorithm notifies users after finding the winner. To let this work of magic go into action, users have to add their links and let testing begin automatically. When customers are in a hurry to purchase an item there is a huge scope to capitalize it. An atmosphere of scarcity can be created by adding countdown timers where desperate customers are bound to make purchases. With timers, all promotions have the possibility to experience massive sales and conversion.


MagickBar, Uptime Monitoring

Emails are great for sending offers, but, it has the uncertainty of receiver not opening the mail. The entire process, therefore, goes down the drain and productivity reaches rock bottom. What the users need is conformity, hence, ClickMagick gives one of their valuable assets called MagickBar. When audiences and visitors visits users’ website, MagickBar will auto-trigger a notification bar to pop up. It will be placed on top which will cause everybody to notice, making it far more effective than emails. Out of so many websites, it is natural to get one of two down websites. So, to save users’ expenses, the software daily monitors to find downed websites and emails the report.

ClickMagick Discount and Price Plans

The name of the first package of ClickMagick is Starter Plan which is $12, and then Standard Plan which’s $33 except the discount facility. Starter and Standard Plan allow ten thousand, and hundred thousand clicks every month, and has all features unlocked. Pro Plan is $66 which allows one million clicks a month with limitless funnel and organic tracking. 2-weeks free ClickMagick testing time is given, and anytime users feel the software is not performing, can cancel membership instantly.

So, finally get with ClickMagick discount and purchase the next generation click tracking software with coupon.