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CloudBerry Desktop Discount

You can find out several tools for backing up the desktop files. Among all those tools, my recommendation is for MSP360 Desktop. This software is capable of storing the backups from your desktop to various cloud storages.

A Quick Review of CloudBerry Desktop

There are only a few companies, which provide only the backup solutions. Among all these companies, CloudBerry is very much popular. Its big number of customers indicate its high reliability. Before purchasing any other desktop backup solution, you must check the MSP360 Desktop. This software comes with a very high-speed data transfer facility. That means, it can store the backups very quickly. And it, can also restore those files with ease. Like any other product of the same brand, this product is an affordable one too. Moreover, we have made CBD more affordable by introducing the discount on the tool. The MSP360 Desktop coupon will allow you to get the backup software at a much cheaper price. Some major features and facilities of this software are as follows:

Encrypted Backup Facility

Unlike other products, MSP360 Desktop has an image-based backup facility. By using this facility, it will send a snapshot of the block-level volume. Then, your files will be backed up very efficiently. It allows all kinds of virtual machines and dissimilar hardware to restore these files. This advanced software supports various cloud platforms for storing your files. Some of the platforms are Amazon Glacier, Amazing S3, Windows Azure, and OpenStack, etc. An efficient encryption facility is another advantage of this product. MSP360 Desktop supports a 256-bit encryption for the backups. That is why, you don’t have to worry about the security of your files anymore.

Impressive Compression

When you will store various files on a cloud, it is very important to save as much space as possible. In doing so, you have to compress the files. This task cannot be done efficiently without taking help from a reliable tool. MSP360 Desktop has a top quality file compression capability. This is an optional feature. You will be able to activate and deactivate it as per necessity. This software has a scheduled backup facility too. That is why, it can automatically store the backups in every hour, day, week, or month according to your instruction. MSP360 Desktop provides an impressive email notification facility. For this reason, you will get a notification email for every important operation.

MSP360 Desktop Discount and Pricing Facility

First of all, it is to decide how many licenses of this software you need. If you want to get 1-4 licenses, then the unit cost will be only $49.99 without the discount. But, if 5-9 licenses of this product are purchased, then this unit cost will be reduced to only $44.99 USD. By the same process, it is possible to buy more than 50 licenses of this product. In such a case, you have to pay only 29.99 USD for each. By paying this little amount, you will get this software with a ransomware protection facility. It is a unique feature of MSP360 Desktop. By using this feature, it can protect your files from any kind of unwanted changes.

Hence, get the backup tool with the provided coupon. Hopefully, the MSP360 Desktop discount will satisfy your requirements.