MSP360 Explorer Discount: Have Special Coupon and Pricing

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CloudBerry Explorer Discount

Amazon S3 is a very good platform for storing and access different types of data. To access this platform more conveniently, it is better to use a reliable Amazon S3 browser. My recommendation is to rely on the MSP360 Explorer. This solution is already chosen by so many users.

Quick Review of CloudBerry Explorer

CloudBerry Lab is a very popular source for different types of online storage management tools. It does not provide so many products. But, each of these products is rarely offered by other brands. It has a specialized product for dealing with the Amazon S3 very efficiently. This tool will allow you to store many files very easily to that platform. And, you will also be able to perform different data management related operations via this product. The name of this amazing product is MSP360 Explorer. So, please purchase the effective amazon data basis solution with discount and avail the MSP360 Explorer coupon.

 Transfer Different Files

MSP360 Explorer is capable of providing a very easy user interface for the Amazon S3. We know that different S3 buckets can be created for different users. This task should be done very safely. Amazon S3 is capable of generating different buckets. After creating, you will be allowed to share these buckets with ease. Similarly, it helps to delete several items very safely. When you will transfer some files from one bucket to another, or one bucket to a local storage, a top class security should be maintained. MSP360 Explorer comes a very strong encryption facility. That is why, there will be no risk in file transferring.

CloudBerry Explorer

MSP360 Explorer Discount and Pricing

MSP360 Explorer for Amazon S3 comes with two editions. Its free edition is available with a few features. That is why, my recommendation is to for the Pro Edition. To buy this one, only 39.99 USD except the discount should be paid according to this post creating time. This is the one-time fee for this product. You will be allowed to use this license on only a single computer. There can be some other similar tools. But the most of these tools cannot deal with a very large object. MSP360 Explorer can work with up to 5 TB large objects. Built in IAM manager is another great advantage of this solution.

Parallel Threading

One of the biggest features this software is it has a multipart threading facility. While uploading a big file, it divides that file into several small parts. And then, it will upload all these parts with a multipart parallel threading facility. For this reason, it requires a very little time upload a large file. This software will allow you to set a particular upload rule for a specific bucket. That means, MSP360 Explorer will let you control the encryption, as well as compression techniques for each bucket. A very efficient and secured reporting system is another useful feature of it.

Therefore, please buy with MSP360 Explorer discount and purchase the effective amazon data basis solution with coupon.