CTR Theme Plus Review and Have Amazing Pricing

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Avail CTR Theme Plus review when purchasing CTR Theme Plus.

CTR Theme Plus

Amazing Offers of CTR Theme Plus

For the WordPress sites, so many types of themes and plugins are available. CTR Theme Plus is not an ordinary WordPress theme. This is full featured AdSense theme which can be easily applied to the WordPress sites. For better monetization of your site, you can use this amazing theme. If you want to get an increasing amount of click-through rates (CTR) then you can purchase this. Among so many important and powerful features of it, we have highlighted a few. Accordingly, pleat get the most responsive adsense ready Theme with review and have the CTR Theme Plus.

Earn with Niche Sites

Ad placement is very important for earning more from the niche sites. The CTR Theme Plus is very helpful for the Google recommended placements. The amazing thing is this theme will help you to earn more than 4000USD in a single month. After placing the ads to your sites once, you can re-organize those with ease. You just have to use your mouse to rearrange the ads to the websites among the Google recommended places. For this feature, you will be able to decrease the ad blindness and increase the click-through rates.

Powerful Admin Panel

As the admin you can do different things. Normally you will need the reliable plugin to deal with the AdSense code. You will also need other tools to control the theme settings. But if you have the CTR Theme Plus then you don’t have to rely on other tools. The control panel of this product is very much helpful for completing all these tasks. Sometimes you may not want to show the ads to all. You can hide the ads from the selected domains very easily with the help of this theme. This theme is an optimized one and that is why it will ensure that your site will load quickly. That means the traffic bounce rate will be minimized by the CTR Theme Plus. You don’t have to design all the information sites with similar style. This theme offers so many subthemes and all of those are different and attractive. You can use each of those to make the information sites to look different. You can use the CTR Google Search widgets to provide customer search facility to your site. And also you can integrate the social media to your sites very easily.

Hosted CTR Plans

You can choose any of the hosted plans of the CTR Theme Plus. The advantages of these plans are these include the professional security plugins and latest WordPress. SEO optimization and automatic updates are other features. Big advantages of these plans are, you have to pay monthly for those without other charges. According to 15 February 2015, the price of the Basic plan is $9.99/month and it is for one website. The Standard and Advanced plans are for 10 and 50 sites respectively. The monthly prices of these two plans are respectively $19.99 and $29.99.

Therefore, kindly buy nicely with the CTR Theme Plus review. Purchase most responsive adsense ready Theme with the pricing.