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Data Jeo Coupon

Market research is very much important for all types of online campaigns. Normally, a marketer spends so many hours, days, and even weeks for an effective market research. Instead of this conventional technique, you can work with Data Jeo. It is considered as the ultimate online research platform.

A Short Review of Data Jeo

There are so many steps of running a successful online project. For example, if you want to run an affiliate campaign, there must be some profitable products. For these profitable products, there must be so many customers or audiences. If the conventional techniques are used to complete these steps, several hours or days may be needed. Data Jeo comes with a solution of this problem. This platform can complete all the researches very quickly. So, have the reviewed exclusive market research software with coupon and obtain the Data Jeo discount. Let’s have a look at its main features and facilities:

Track and Evaluate Data

The main task of Data Jeo is it can provide so many reliable data regarding every product and campaign. It does not provide any false information. With every piece of information, it will provide the source. Competitor page tracking is another nice feature of this product. By using this feature, it can find out some very important data for every competitor. These data include the sales, profits, and ROI data. Data Jeo is capable of tracking the behavior of very lead, client, and customer. By using these data, you can easily make any campaign more profitable.

Data Jeo

Efficient Optimization

Every landing page may not perform as per desire. That is why, an A/B testing is very much important. After buying this license, there is no need to depend on any other A/B testing program. This solution has a built in program to do this task very efficiently. You can taste any new landing page with this tool to get instant result. Data Jeo also provides some useful features regarding the page optimization. It can remove some poor performing ads and add some profitable items. That is why, there will be more leads and customers. This web-based solution can create some informative traffic reports very efficiently.

Multiple Pricing and Data Jeo Coupon

You can purchase Data Jeo for a short period or a long period. This product can be accessed on a monthly basis. The Monthly Plan of this platform is available for only $37 per month. That means, its yearly cost will be $444. Instead of this one, you can purchase the Yearly License. Only 297 USD should be paid for this one excluding the coupon. Data Jeo 3-Years License is even more cost effective. As per 22 December 2018, this license is available for only 497 USD. All these three licenses are available with a 30-day money back guarantee. Though this platform is very easy to use. Still, some newbie may face some difficulties initially. To help them, a quick start training facility is added to each of these licenses.

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