DataNumen Outlook Repair Discount: Have Cool Coupon and Pricing

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DataNumen Outlook Repair Discount

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications. It creates the files in PST format. There are only a few tools, which can repair all kinds of PST files. DataNumen Outlook Repair is one of these tools. This tool can recover various types of data from a PST file.

DataNumen Outlook Repair Review

Actually, Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager. It can be used for creating and sending emails, creating some calendars, and keeping some important personal data. But, it is widely considered as an emailing platform. It will provide you some PST files containing every piece of information. Now, the problem is these PST files can be corrupted for different reasons. That means, your personal data could be in danger. That is why, it is better to keep the DataNumen Outlook Repair on hand. This software can bring back every data from a corrupted PST file. It provides a big list of important features. So, buy the best microsoft outlook recovery tool with discount and avail the DataNumen Outlook Repair coupon.

Efficient Email Recovery

DataNumen Outlook Repair will not let you face any difficulty in recovering the emails from any PST file. It can recover all kinds of emails and save those in different forms, including text and HTML. An email may have some image and file attachments. This software will recovery those too from a corrupted PST file. The Outlook Repair of DataNumen can bring back all kinds of calendars, appointments, notes, and other data too. Even it can recover all kinds of Excel worksheets very efficiently. It has a drag and drop functionality. So, you will face no difficulty in importing a broken PST file into it.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

DataNumen Outlook Repair Discount and Pricing

Though this software provides so many important features and facilities, you don’t have to pay a big amount to buy it. The single user license of this product of DataNumen is available for only $199.95 without the discount. Actually, it is a special price for this product as per 12 April 2018. Its original price is 249.95 USD. Like some other products of the same brand, DataNumen Outlook Repair also has a volume discount facility. If 2-9 units of this software are purchased, then the unit cost will be only $149.95. This price will be reduced to only 119.95 USD, if 10-24 licenses are bought at a time. This unit cost will be even smaller for a bigger number of licenses purchased.

Some Other Features

DataNumen Outlook Repair is capable of recovering all kinds of password protected PST files. And, you don’t have to know the password to recover such a file. Sometimes, it can be necessary to split a big PST file into some small ones. This task can be done very efficiently by using this software. DataNumen Outlook Repair is not like those tools, which can repair only smaller-sized PST files. Rather, this software can deal with the files of even several TB.

So, please purchase with DataNumen Outlook Repair discount. Buy the best microsoft outlook recovery tool with coupon in 2019.